CH1: The revolution is just beginning

1.        Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

Pinterest and Google are competitors because they provide the same service/products, which is image searching engine. However, Google follows a horizontal growth strategy, which is having multiple service for market expansion, for example, Google Map, Google Image, Google Drive, etc, meanwhile, Pinterest follows a vertical growth strategy where it helps users brainstorm ideas with the image searching engine. The service revolves only around image searching and does a better job in giving users ideas than Google Image.

2.        Why does Pinterest focus on mobile platform when it develops new features and products?

Pinterest follows omni-channel marketing to tap users of not only using PCs but also smartphones. Users are starting to replace smartphones with PCs, users find it more convenient to browse on smartphones. Therefore, focusing on smartphones platform helps Pinterest not miss out on a large number of users.

3.        Why is copyright infringement a potential issue of Pinterest?

Because Pinterest has not had any regulations on ownership permission on posting pictures. Users can post anything without a permission and sometimes pins have to be taken down due to permission issues. The copyright infringement might have users turn their back on Pinterest.

         Project question:

2. Search the Web for an example of each of the major types of e-commerce described in Section 1.4 and listed in Table 1.3. Create a presentation or written report describing each company (take a screenshot of each, if possible), and explain why it fits into the category of e-commerce to which you have assigned it.

Misfit Market:

Misfit Market is a B2B business. It is an e-commerce based in Pennsylvania, launched in 2018 and only available in the East Coast. It is a B2B business that ships organic vegetables door-to-door to consumers at a 30% cheaper price. The key of the business is they gather vegetables that are not passed to stores. Such vegetables do not look appealing, they can be too small or too large or have worms but is well-qualified to eat. The business helps reduce food waste, which is a huge issue in the US and provide household with organic food at a cheap price. I personally have used their service and am satisfied with it. I paid $23, included $5.25 shipping cost, for a 10-lb box of vegetables. The box contains random vegetables and is shipped in 3 days.