1.       Why did Dick’s decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce operations?

Because they were already successful in building a base of customers, they wanted to control their own e-commerce to reduce the cost eBay charging on Dick’s.


2.       What is Dick’s omnichannel strategy?

Dick’s strategy is to use  physical stores as both showrooms and mini-distribution centers. They use their physical stores to fulfill online orders from local and regional customers and to act as showrooms for their goods, and customers could pick up online orders in nearby stores the same day.


3.       What are the three steps in Dick’s migration to its new website?

Step 1: develop the new site and integrate it with their existing systems.

Step 2: move its lesser brands to the new platform and continue to develop the platform.

Step 3: move its primary website, Dick’s Sporting Goods, onto the new platform.


4.       What are the primary benefits of Dick’s new system?

As for customers, the primary benefits are we can buy online, pick up in store and test different pricing and marketing approaches by region. Their new system also got improved with search engine and better analytics capabilities.

As for the business, they can  achieve higher sales because multi-channel customers spend three times as much as single-channel customers.  Finally, the new system allows Dick’s to speed up the innovation and development cycles of its online and physical store operations.


1.       Choose two e-commerce software packages and prepare an evaluation chart that rates the packages on the key factors discussed in the section “Choosing an E-commerce Software Platform.” Which package would you chose if you were developing a website of the type described in this chapter, and why?

Key Factors




Easy to customize

Drag and drop interface, limited customize

Business model support



Processing modeling tools

Not charge anything on transactions

Charge 2% on each transaction

Site management tools and reporting



Performance and scalability

You are to control your upgrade

Offer upgrading options

Connectivity existing systems



Compliance with standard



Global/multicultural capacity

Both can do international business

Both can do international business

Local sales tax/shipping rules

Different shipping options depending on use

Shopify FedEx app


2.       Choose one of the open source web content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal or another of your own choosing and prepare an evaluation chart similar to that required by project 4. Which system would you choose and why?


I will choose Wordpress because it is cheap and it is also one of the most popular platforms. It being popular will help me get lots of supports in the future.