Tanner Carlson

ITS 370


CH 10

1.     Create a first draft of a WBS from the following scenario. Make assumptions as needed based on the section about project planning considerations and constraints in this chapter. In our WBS, describe in the sets required for the tasks you have planned. Sequential Label and Supply has a problem with employees surfing the Web to access material the company deems inappropriate for a professional environment. Therefore, SLS wants to insert a filtering device in the company Internet connection that blocks certain Web locations and content. According to the vendor, the filter is a hardware appliance that costs $18,000 and requires 150 hours to install and configure. Technical support for the filter costs 18 percent of the purchase price and includes a training allowance for the year A software component that runs on the administratorís desktop computer is needed to administer the filter; this component costs $550. A monthly subscription provides the list of sites to be blocked and costs $250 per months. A estimated four hours per week are required for administrative functions

Step 1 is the initiation and planning process. Sub steps are comparing costs of filters and costs of running the filtering process. Another sub step would be making sure that our companies hardware can run the software require for the filtering program.


Step 2 would be the execution process. A day or two may need to be set aside for high ranked IT employees to help download and configure the program. Sub steps would be testing, installing live system, user testing and going live.


Step 3 would be the control phase. Sub steps of this phase are prject management, project status meetings, risk management, and updating the project management plan.

2.     If you have access to commercial project management software, such as Microsoft Project, use it to complete a project plan based on the data shown in Table 10-2. Prepare a simple WBS report or Gantt chart that shows your work.

I do not have access to a commercial project management software, so I will be typing out my WBS report like I did in question 1.


Step 1 is to categorize the information system. Sub steps are to categorize the amount and type of security needed, describe the ideal system, and register your information system with your company.


Step 2 is to categorize the select security controls. Sub steps are to identify common controls, select security controls, monitor the success of strategy, and getting the security plan approved by high ranking executives.


Step 3 is to implement the security controls that you selected. Sub steps are to implement the security control and to document the success of the security control.

3.     Write a job description for Kelvin Urich, the project manager described in the opening vignette of this chapter. Be sure to identify key characteristics of the ideal candidate, as well as work experience and educational background. Also, justify why your job description is suitable for potential candidates of this position.

IT project manager needed! Our company [insert company name here] is looking for a new IT project manager to spearhead new projects that will help our company grow and remain secure. Applicants must have at least 2 years experience in the IT field, and a college education. Applicants must be security focused, and well organized. Knowledge of the IT field will help you understand the steps needed for your project. Projects must be presented to the board of directors with a clear timeline of events, with descriptions.

4.     Search the Web for job descriptions of project managers, you can use any number of Web sites, including: www.monster.com or www.dice.com, to find at least 10 IT-relates job descriptions. What common elements do you find among the job descriptions? What is the most usual characteristic among them?

After doing research on www.monster.com, www.dice.com, and www.indeed.com I found many IT administrator jobs in and around Minneapolis, MN. The most usual characteristic I found in searching for jobs was exceptional customer service skills. Many other common elements included, experience with certain system, basica computer skills, experience in planning, experience in verbal communication, experience working with others, ability to work well with others, knowledge and troubleshooting various systems and organizational skills.