ITS 370

ITS 370 Syllabus

WCH1 Boon Moon Resort

CH1 Introduction to Information Security

WCH2 Boon Mountain Resort Final

CH2 The Need for Security

WCH3 Mary Anderson

CH3 Legal, Ethical, and Proffesional Issues in Information Security

WCH4 Galisteo Art Gallery

CH4 Planning for Security

WCH5 The Upper Cut

CH5 Risk Management

WCH6 Wisteria

CH6 Security Technology Access Controls, Firewalls and VPNs

WCH7 Wisteria with Form

CH7 Security Technology Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

 WCH8 Clementine’s Juice Bar

CH8 Cryptography

WCH9 Clementine’s Juice Bar Final

CH9 Physical Security

CH10 Implementing Information Security

CH11 Security and Personnel

CH12 Information Security Maintenance

Final Project Website