Taylor Lang

ITS 230

Lab SF3-3 Performance Evaluation

In order to measure how well the site is performing, I have set up three measurable benchmarks. First, I hope that 95% of my customers or more will be able to effectively find our site using a search engine such as google. This will not only ensure that our current customers are finding our website, but that it will be easy for our future customers to find us as well. Next, 90% or more of our customers can access our business blog via the link on our website. This will ensure that our website is easy to navigate and use. Also it will show that our customers are getting engaged in our products and keeping up with our new trends and products. Finally, 95% or more of our customers have sent us an email or write a review on our website. This shows us something about our customer service. When customers write a review it gives us feedback, but also shows that they can use our site effectively. Emails show us that people are getting the feedback they deserve as well.

In reviewing marketing companies to provide analytics and performance evaluation tools, I found three that Iíve decided to compare. Fireclick, Woopra and Webtrends all provide a variety of services for e-commerce websites. Fireclick offers account management, online training, best practices consultation, search engine optimization, bid management, Email marketing, and E-commerce outsourcing. Woopra offers the opportunity to build customer profiles and real time analytics. They also provide help creating apps and other various mobile resources to connect with customers. Webtrends offers segmentation, data delivery, search, testing, targeting, analytics and remarketing strategies as well as support and training in these services. Fireclick starts at around $1200 per month, Woopra is free up to 30,000 actions per month and goes up in $80 increments, and a Webtrends license can be purchased for around $2300.

Personally I think I would choose the Woopra Web Analytics system. Their website is easy to navigate and view all of their services. Their services seem most applicable at a very fair price. I enjoy that this is a more updated company that will assist in working with apps and other mobile website features. I like the customer profile aspect of what they do. It is extremely helpful to have a customer profile that will help in directing customers to products that they would be most interested in.