Taylor Lang

ITS 230

Lab SF1-1 Evaluation

1.       Lush Cosmetics (Sells products to customers.)

a.       The site’s overall purpose is to sell and promote their bath and cosmetic products to customers.

b.       The site’s target audience is definitely women. If I had to narrow that down further, I would probably put those women between the ages of 20 and 40.

c.       I think their images and navigation do an awesome job at satisfying customer needs. The site is easy to navigate and I never ran into broken links. The only complaints I may have, is the grammar used in many of the headings and descriptions of the products. Also, after “quick-viewing” a product, the page reverts back to the top of the page so you always lose your place when browsing products.

d.       Balance, proximity and alignment are definitely evident. The masthead and navigation bar never changes when switching pages. The products are displayed on the page in an even grid. I also like that the colors of the page itself are kept to a simple black and white color scheme. Because the products they are selling depend a lot on the appearance of their soaps, the white background makes the colors of their product “pop.”

e.       The site answers questions that a customer may have very thoroughly. Store location and contact information is easily navigable. Each product has a great description of size, smell and benefits of the particular item. Ingredients are thoroughly listed for each product and they are organized very well onto their respective pages.


2.       OWL Purdue (Educational Website)

a.       The overall purpose of this website is to assist students in their writing during school or other areas of business and education. It provides help in MLA and APA format, business letters, resumes, English as a second language and much more.

b.       The target audience is high school and college students.

c.       I think the color scheme of this website is appropriate for what the site is designed for. Personally, I think it looks boring and maybe a little intimidating to the average student. Navigation is okay, however I would prefer that they would have used a normal navigation bar at the top of the page. Without it, it seems like the user really has to search for what they are looking to find. However, the “Most Popular Resources” box and the search bar definitely help in the navigation of the site. Personally, I have used the site and I find it extremely helpful. However, for someone who has never used the it before, I think it is very likely that they may get confused or frustrating with trying to navigate the site that they may decide to look elsewhere.

d.       Alignment, focus, balance and proximity are not as great as they could be. The home page has a much different appearance than some of the other pages. The navigation between page to page is different and there is too much information jammed into on page. The site gets overwhelming and difficult to decipher.

e.       The home page does adequately answer questions. Links to all of their services are provided and contact information is included on the on the bottom right of the page.


3.       Lorraine Stanick (Personal Website)

a.       Lorraine Stanick is a beauty blogger on YouTube and also has a personal written blog. Her family owns a clothing and jewelry store in Florida, and her dad is a professional artist. The purpose of her website is to connect users to her YouTube channel and blog, as well as to promote her family’s store and artwork.

b.       The target audience is geared to women, and people interested in beauty and fashion.

c.       I absolutely love the page layout of this site. The home page opens with links to Lorraine’s blog, her YouTube Channel, and her “Store.” When you click on the “Store” link you are directed to a very well designed page intended to sell products of her family’s store. The color scheme is not overwhelming. The products are very well organized. Fonts look very professional and payment methods available are adequately posted.

d.       I think that the idea of balance, proximity, focus and alignment are very evident in the site’s design. The “Store” page is set up like a table which makes the products easy to see and navigable.

e.       The home page of this site, like I said, consists of three links. (Blog, YouTube, and Store.) Therefore, the home page doesn’t give the user much information at all about Lorraine. However, I think that the way she set up the homepage is still adequate because it draws the user to all of her different mediums. Some users may only be interested in one of the three, and this homepage allows users to isolate their interest and be directed there immediately.