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Heart Monitors in the Future

Hopefully, insertable heart monitors in the future will continue to get smaller. It is foreseen that eventually technology will develop in ways that will allow us to eliminiate the MyCareLink Patient Monitor and Patient Assistant Tracker. Also, the amount of information available for storage in the Reveal LINQ device itself is always growing.

We asked Shannon, a real Medtronic patient, what he would like to see improve in the next version of Medtronic's instertable monitors.

Answer: "I would like a smaller design that protrudes less from my chest. Because the top of the monitor sticks out, it gets caught and is very painful. Also, it would be somewhat reassuring to know that ALL of my "episodes" would be recorded and sent to Abbott (my hospital) automatically. Because there is a limited amount of storage, having to always be sure to have my patient assist with me, and use it on time, is somewhat stressful."


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Date Last Modified: December 5, 2015 7:02 PM