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Heart Monitors in the Past

The Reveal XT, the model before the LINQ, was much larger (62x19x8mm). It also did not have as much storage available as the LINQ.

Reveal XT Storage Capacity  Reveal Linq Storage Image
Reveal XT Storage vs Reveal LINQ Storage

size comparison

Holter Monitors have been around for decades. At about the size of a small digital camera, it would be impossible to implant this device under the skin. Usually worn around the neck with a pocket or pouch, these devices connect wires with silver-dollar sized electrodes to the chest. Like the Reveal LINQ and Reveal XT, it records heart rhythms ECG style. Patients are asked to log the times of physical activity or other factors that may affect heartrate. While these devices are great for monitoring the heart over a 24-48 hour period, it is not practical to use this for an extended period of time. Not only do some people have skin reactions to the tape on the electrodes, but the device would be bulky and annoying. It could even interfere with sleep. 

Holter Monitor Picture

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