Thao Le

ITS 380

Sing-Ping Tucker



Chapter 4: Building an E-commerce Presence: Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps.

Case Study

1.      Why did Dick’s decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce operations?

Dick’s decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce operations because of some of the reasons. In 2015, Dick’s revenues began slowing down because eBay collected a fixed commission on all items that Dick’s sold online, no matter how big an items Dick’s sold. Furthermore, during that time, many large companies began taking over their own e-commerce operations in order to minimize these expenses. By 2017, the company’s rapidly rise online sales gave Dick’s both the incentive and the budget to undertake the transition. By using the money from no longer paying transaction commissions to eBay, Dick’s focus on building and maintaining an e-commerce infrastructure.


2.      What is Dick’s Omni channel strategy?

Dick’s Omni channel strategy provides better support for unique omnichnnel features, such as shipping online orders from physical Dick’s stores. Dick’s has also begun to convert its stores into distribution centers as well as traditional retail showrooms. This increases efficiency and improves delivery order online and pick up orders at local stores. In 2018, Dick’s began building its first dedicated e-commerce fulfillment center alongside one of its major distribution center in upstate New York. Dick’s foresees its stores functioning not only as traditional retail showcases, but also as miniature distribution centers. Customers can orders online and pickup orders directly at local stores.   


3.      What are the three steps in Dick’s migration to its new website?

Step 1: Dick’s began the development of its proprietary e-commerce platform and integrating its existing systems in 2014.

Step 2: Dick’s began moving to two smaller brands, Field&Stream and Golf Galaxy and continuing development work

Step 3: The Company plans to relaunch its flagship Dick’s Sporting Goods site on the platform. Dick’s has launched its smaller sites one at a time to make sure that there are no major issues with any aspects of the platform.


4.      What are the primary benefits of Dick’s new system?

The primary benefits of Dick’s new system include the ability to buy online and pick up in store and the ability to test different pricing and marketing approaches by region. It also helps improving search engine and better analysis capacities. Their e-commerce sales increases because multichannel customers spend three times as much as single-channel customers. The new platform allows Dick’s to speed up the innovation and development cycles of its online and physical store operation.



1.      Go to the website of Wix, Weebly, or another provider of your choosing that allows you to create a simple e-tailer website for a free trial period. Create a website. The site should feature at least four pages, including a home page, product page, shopping cart, and contact page.


I used Wix website to create a simple e-tailer website which provide sneakers for women and teen girls. The brand name of this store is GirlsGeneration. Below are four main pages include a home page, a product page, a shopping cart and a contact page


Home Page

The homepage shows logo, the information about the store and which products we sell.


Product Page

The product page displays products that customers choose include price, size, product information.  

Shopping cart

This page displays which kind of products that customers add to cart and wait to check out.

Contact page  

Finally, contact page provide a form that allow customer fill their information and their question. After that, the store will receive and reply customer through their email or their account if they register for a member


2.      Visit several e-commerce sites, not including those mentioned in this chapter, and evaluate the effectiveness of the sites according to the eight basic criteria/functionalities listed in Table 4.11. Choose one site you feel does an excellent job on all the aspects of an effective site.

Of all the e-commerce websites I have visited, Apple is the one that impresses me the most. Right off the bat, the eye-catching, interactive and well-organized graphic with the display of the newest iPhone model caught my attention. The text which contains only key information or message is always short and legible. In terms of functionality, it takes a millisecond to get access to this simply but professionally- established website. Apple always showcases a giant picture of the latest model to direct customers towards it. The homepage contains mostly vivid pictures of different kinds of products with the most prominent information going along with. However, if customers are interested in a certain product, they can simply click anywhere on the picture that attaches to that product to get more detailed information. Alternatively, links to all products which are shown by their own names are listed on top of the homepage which showcases the ease of use and redundant navigation of Apple website. Another feature that makes it very informational is that you can compare different models of a certain product side by side to make it more convenient for customers to make the decision. When customers lock the purchase in their mind, it takes a few clicks to finish the purchasing process with all features that customers wish. The website runs identically smooth with all common browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.