Thao Le

November 26, 2021

Lab 1 - Chapter 10


Determining the Best Social Media Outlets for the New Harvest Food Bank Website

After researching information about the best social media options for a food bank, I found out that the three popular social media options are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most of the Food banks take the advantage of social media sites by containing links to many social media pages. In my opinion, the food bank should use these recommended social media options because these one engages billion users each year. By using them, the Food Bank can connect with many people who really want to help and donate foods. Furthermore, thanks to these social media sites, Food Banks can make posts every day to get the attention of followers as well as encourage them to share and comment. However, each site has its own advantages and disadvantages.






Social Media




- Easy to use for everyone.

- Approaching millions of users per day.

- Quickly spreading information about their needs or events.

·         Information security


·         Convenient to post news and images.

·         Approaching millions of users a day.

·         Hard to use for elder people.


·         Massive Audience Potential.

·         Limited Post Size