Tommy Lentz


††††††††††††††† True/False:


1. f

2. f

3. t

4. f

5. f

6. f

7. t

8. t

9. t

10. f

11. f

12. f


††††††††††††††† Matching:


1. c

2. d

3. a

4. b

5. J

6. D

7. A

8. B

9. E

10. C


††††††††††††††† Problem solving:


1. This is because the device is not familiar with the computer. It is new and has not been connected before.

2. I would take action by Google search for hard drive connections.

3. Use a USB to transport the information or get an adapter if available.

4. If you canít find them they may have been deleted or replaced. Check disposed files in the trash bin.

5. A separate disc reader accessory that can connect to your laptop.


††††††††††††††† Internet Research:


2. I used Google to find instances of my name and usernames that I use. The search results were accurate as my accounts and my information popped up. Twitter, Facebook and some baseball related websites previewed my profiles. I found my name/family members on one public records page. Not a lot of interesting information came up but there was a phone number and address. I took action to take down my familyís private information.