True/False: 1.T   2.F   3.F   4.F   5.F   6.F   7.T   8.F   9.F   10.T   11.T   12.T

Matching:  1.h   2.a   3.i   4.f   5.j   6.g   7.c   8.e   9.d   10.b


Problem Solving

1.       Shopping for Software

In order to run a program on a computer, the computer’s specifications should be the same as or greater than the software specifications. In this case, the program will only run on the most recent version of Windows, but my computer has an older Windows version. Therefore, the program will not run on my computer.

2.       Discarding Old Computer Equipment

I will suggest my supervisor to donate it or recycle it or dispose of it properly by trading it off with the retailer.

3.       Dead Battery

To make sure I have enough battery power, I will buy a new battery charger for my laptop. Another solution in this situation is saving your presentation in a flash drive or cloud storage in case your laptop is dead.

4.       Cannot Share Photos

Because the picture files are too large, I need to compress to reduce its size to be able to fit the email capacity.

5.        Synchronization Error

I need to check the network to make sure my smartphone connected to the internet and signal strength between the smartphone and computer. Moreover, it might also because there is not enough storage space in my device, the calendar is not able to be updated. 


Internet Research

Search Skills: Selecting Search Terms

1.       Which English words are stop words for Google?

--> Type search text: “Google stop words” into the search box in Google search engine and come up with the result: “like, the, an, a, of, or, many, etc.” on Moreover, provides a list of words ignored by search engines. It gave the same results when I rearranged the order of the words, “stop words in Google.”

2.       What is the largest solid-state drive available?

--> Search text: “largest solid-state drive”.

Result: the world’s largest solid-state drive is the 100TB Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100.

3.       How many hours per day on average do teens spend playing video game?

--> Search text: “average hours teens play video game”.

Result: Teens spend about an hour and 21 minutes a day playing video games.

4.       When is the next update to the Android mobile operating system expected to be released?

--> Search text: “Android next update”. Result: Google announced official Android 9.0 update on August 6, 2018