True/False: 1.T   2.F   3.T   4.T   5.T   6.F   7.T   8.T   9.F   10.F   11.T   12.T

Matching: 1.F  2.H   3.G   4.I   5.J   6.D   7.A   8.B   9.E   10.C

Problem Solving

1.      Paired Bluetooth Devices: Because both I and my brother connected our smartphones to the car, at the time my brother’s phone rings, the car is still being connected with my device. Or it might be that my brother’s smartphone is inactive for a Bluetooth connection.  

2.      Slow Internet Connection: the Internet speed has suffered a sharp decline in performance recently as a result of the following: not checking the router regularly for firmware updates, having older Wi-Fi devices on the network because wireless systems act on the “lowest common denominator” principle, the network has no security, or the thieves determine the network name and password and then reprogram their modem’s settings to duplicate the network’s settings causing IP hijacking occurs

3.       Wireless Network Coverage: because wireless home network speeds and ranges vary, the strength of the wireless signal affects the range of the network. The farther you are to the wireless access points, the poorer network performance you experience, or you are unable to access the network.    

4.      Cannot Access Network: If you bring your personal laptop to your place of employment, even though you successfully connect to your company’s wireless network, you are still unable to access the Internet. The problem might be that your company doesn’t allow public access due to the security setting that can help ensure the network is safe from unauthorized use.   

5.      Problems Exchanging Files: If you try sending the files from your phone to your computer through Bluetooth, but it doesn’t display your computer as a device to which it can send the file. It might happen because your computer is not on the range of the Bluetooth capacity, or your computer doesn’t support sharing over Bluetooth.    

Internet Research: Search Skills – Map Search

1.      Aerial and street view of your home

2.      Directions to a local store that sells wireless network equipment

3.      Locations of your mobile service provider’s retail stores on your current city

4.      Distance between Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington and Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California