True/False: 1.T   2.T   3.F   4.T   5.T   6.F   7.T   8.T   9.T   10.F   11.F  12.T

Matching: 1.G  2.H   3.I   4.A   5.B   6.F   7.C   8.E   9.J   10.D

Problem Solving

1.      Incorrect Price: File maintenance causes data are not current. The store failed to update the old price with new price, or to add new discount record to the system. Additionally, it also might be that the cashier forgot to scan or apply the discount code or price into the items. a †

2.      Inaccurate Credit Report: A credit report isnít a public document, but it is possible for individuals and companies to view credit reports in particular circumstances, sometimes without the authorization or even the knowledge and permission of the person involved. Certain types of companies can check credit without express authorization are insurers, credit card companies, debt collectors.

3.       Data Entry Issues: If the entire street name doesnít fit in the text box, I can attempt to adjust the width of the text box, so it will have enough space to display the entire information. Moreover, I also can check the field size to make sure that the data entry is fitting ††††

4.      Database Connection Error: The web app is not able to connect to the database because the account doesnít have permission to access the database instance itself. Or on some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so the namedb database is not able to be selected. †††

5.      Incorrect Postal Codes: While reviewing the database to ensure data integrity, I notice that some of the postal codes, which should be five digits, are only four digits. This might be wrong because the data were entered incorrectly due to employeesí mistakes, or an inappropriate customersí information. †††† 

Internet Research: Social Media Ė Targeted Ads

††††††††††† People who use social networks store various information about themselves, including their age, gender, interests, and location. This stored information allows advertisers to create specific target groups and individualize their advertisements. When posting an ad through a social network, an advertiser is provided a set of characteristics that will define his target market based on customer behavior such as purchasing patterns, device usage, and other activities. This information is accessed by social media targeting software and enables advertisers to create display ads that match with social network usersí characteristics. To protect userís privacy, donít fill any silly quiz, donít enter personal data, donít visit unsecured sited, use password managers and two-step verifications, donít hand out social networks your privacy on a plate.