True/False: 1.T   2.F   3.T   4.F   5.T   6.T   7.T   8.F   9.T   10.T   11.F   12.F

Matching: 1.C   2.A   3.F   4.E   5.H   6.B   7.D   8.G   9.J   10.I


Problem Solving

1.       Unsolicited Friend Requests: If people who I don’t know are requesting to be my friend on Facebook, I will consider who they are before I confirm the friend request. I will look at their profiles. Then if it is interesting to me and I allow them to interact with me on Facebook, I will accept. Otherwise, I will decline that request.

2.       Mobile Hot Spot Not Found: One of the reasons causing your devices are not able to find any wireless networks is you have created a hidden hot spot network. To fix the problem, you can connet by manually adding your device’s Wi-Fi details in your mobile hot spot. Another way, you can check your setting and remove “hide my device” mode from your hot spot, then restart it.

3.       Sporadic Email Message Delivery: The error may happen at multiple places in mail delivery. Sometime, a bounce message is sent from the own mail server, reporting that it has been unable to deliver a message, or alternatively from a recipient’s mail server reporting that although it had accepted the message, it now finds it undeliverable. 

4.       Unexpected Search Engine: If your browser keeps redirecting to a different search engine on every search, regardless of the type of website you intended to visit then the device has most likely been infected with Malware.

5.       Email messages never show any formatting: Email programs and mobile devices have unique ways of displaying emails. So, the email you see may not exactly match what your friend sees when they sent it.


Internet Research: Online Social Networks and Media Sharing

When you create a profile or account with Facebook or, they are asking for your personal information, which are name, phone number, email address, password, birthday and gender. This information is quite basic and acceptable for users to share. With Facebook, you can view other users’ profiles and designate them as your friends. You can interact with long-distance friends or relative, or you are able to keep in touch with those who have mutual interests. With LinkedIn, a professional online social network, allows you to introduce yourself to people who work at companies where you might be seeking employment. You can share employment history and skills in your profile, enabling potential employers who look at your profile to learn more about you and your talent. You also need an account to be able to join social media sharing sites. For example, you can join YouTube with your Google account. These websites are supported by advertisements. Once you sign in to your account, you can very well upload a video to your account. Then click the upload button located in the top right-hand corner and represented by an up arrow with a line underneath it. That will take you through to a dedicated upload page, where you can choose where you source your upcoming viral sensation from. You will need to decide who can see your video by adjusting the privacy settings accordingly. Then you need to select where you’re uploading your video from, like importing it directly from Google Photos, uploading it straight from your device’s storage, or live-streaming. According to YouTube rules, the maximum video file size that you can upload on YouTube is 128GB, or 12 hours of video if you have a verified account. If your video is larger than 128GB, you might need to compress it in a video editor before uploading it to YouTube. Otherwise, by default, you can only upload max 15 minutes of video and its size cannot exceed 20GB.