True/False: 1.F   2.T   3.F   4.T   5.T   6.F   7.T   8.T   9.F   10.T   11.T   12.F

Matching: 1.C   2.G   3.J   4.F   5.H   6.I   7.A   8.B   9.E   10.D

Problem Solving

1.       License Agreement: First you need to know what kind of the software is. If itís free or open-source software, you generally donít have to ask anyoneís permission to use it. You can copy and install it on your home computer. On the other hand, if it is proprietary or closed-source software, you need to read the EULA. It spells out what you can or cannot do with software. it covers everything from how many copies you can install to what the software company can do with your data and what additional software the company can install on your computer. 

2.       Unwanted Programs: it could be bundled by the developer themselves or download sites may require you to download their wrappers or download managers, which would then foist potentially unwanted programs. This also happens especially when you are installing a freeware. The software installation package tricks you into accepting the installation of third-party programs, that you donít really want.

3.       Document Reader Software Cannot Open a PDF File: You probably donít have a functional PDF reader program installed or you have not updated your PDF reader version. In some situation, the file extension may be stripped away when your file is sent through e-mail. Moreover, it could also happen because the PDF has been corrupted.    

4.     News Not Updating: You can check your mobile data and internet connection, then restart the app/device. You can also check for the appís update or reinstall an app. Otherwise, you can contact the app developer for further complain.

5.       Incompatible App: it because the tablet has not had the latest version android, in which the app has been developed or restrictions has been set by the creator which doesnít support the tablet. 

Internet Research: Narrowing Your Search Results

(1) What is an open source FTP application that has version for both Windows and Mac? --> Filezilla

(2) Other than TurboTax, what are two examples of online tax preparation software? --> H&R Block, and TaxAct Premium

(3) What are the more popular calendar management and task management apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play? --> ToDoist, Google Calendar, Things3