True/False: 1.F†† 2.F†† 3.T ††4.T†† 5.T†† 6.T†† 7.F†† 8.F†† 9.F†† 10.T†† 11.T†† 12.T

Matching: 1.I†† 2.C†† 3.D†† 4.E†† 5.F†† 6.G†† 7.B†† 8.H†† 9.J†† 10.A

Problem Solving

1.       Corporate Firewall Interference: Because firewall is a security tool used in networks to prevent from attacking by hackers, viruses, worms, or malware, we have to configure it correctly to be able to access to the server. ††

2.       No Browsing History: The problem might be happening for one or more of the following reasons: You have the Delete browsing history on exit box checked in your Internet options; your hard disk is getting full, the number of days that your browser keeps a history of the websites you have visited may be set to 0 or a low number; or your history and user profile may be corrupt.

3.       Two-Step Verification Problem: If you are unable to receive the text message because you no longer have the same number, you can seek for help and they will offer you another way to verify you. You can try to answer some security question that you set before, or it will send you a verifying code through your email.††††

4.       Suspicious File Attachment: The email attachment you received might be malicious or it probably does contain macros that causing your computer running slower and getting troubles. In addition, that email attachment also has dangerous file extension that can run code on your computer when executed.†††

5.       Antivirus Software Outdated: You can renew the license if you are satisfied with your antivirus software. Otherwise, you should uninstall it and install a new one. You may buy a new paid software, or use a free Antivirus software or a free Internet Security Suite.

Internet Research: Unauthorized Access

You can set you profileís security and change your privacy settings to mitigate the chance of becoming the victim of a hack. You can adjust the connection setting to restrict who can see your stories, your post; or you can send you friend requests and messages; or search for you by mane or contact information. Moreover, you also can hide certain posts or block people from posting on your page and remove their tag from posts that you donít like. With posts that you donít want to see, or they violate the websiteís term and have dangerous content, you can give feedback or report it. To add more security to your account, you can use two-factor authentication by logging in with a code from your phone as well as a password; you can set up alerts about unrecognized logins, so they will let you know if anyone logs in from a device or browser you donít usually use. In case you get locked out, you can choose 3 to 5 friends to contact and they are going to send you a code and URL to help you log in back.