True/False: 1.T   2.F   3.F   4.F   5.F   6.T   7.F   8.F   9.F   10.T   11.T   12.T

Matching: 1.C  2.G   3.I   4.B   5.F   6.H   7.D   8.A   9.E   10.J

Problem Solving

1.       Missing Smartphone: If you realize that you lost your smartphone, the first thing you need to do is calling your carrier to suspend your phone line and your device. Then you can use “Find My Phone” from other devices that synchronize with your lost phone in order to find your phone hopefully. If you couldn’t find your phone, you should erase your data from your lost phone remotely by some apps.

2.       Nonworking Fan: If your fan stops working, it may lead the CPU to overheat and even get damaged. You can find the CPU fan and fix or replace it by different methods. In general, need to open the computer case and remove the motherboard so as to find the CPU on it. It’s much easier to open a desktop’s computer case to replace a new fan than a laptop.

3.       Internet Access Unavailable: To prevent from not being able to access the files stored on the clound in the future, you need to make sure your files are synchronized and set it available offline used.

4.       Determining Memory Requirements: you can determine the amount of memory your computer requires by checking the memory requirements for the operating system and programs and applications you plan to run. You can find the system requirements, which will specify the memory requirement, on product packaging or on a software manufacture’s website.

5.       Low Battery Life: Battery life depends on usage. While some may last several years, you may need to replace a battery much sooner than that. When the battery no longer can hold a charge, you should replace it with a battery made by, or recommended by, the manufacturer of the computer or device.

Internet Research: Security: Securing Devices

            There are many other apps from Google Play Store provides same or better features to track lost device. These cell phone tracking apps include fee and paid apps with nice features. If you have Avast Anti-Theft apps on your device, you can locate your device on the map after logging into your account on any computer. This app can send you last call detail, recorded voice, and photos of the thief from lost device’s camera to a remote location number or your account that will help to track device real-time. Android Device Manager app locates lost devices and helps you to keep your device safe and secure along with the data inside. It also lets you reset your device’s screen lock PIN and erase all data on the phone.

            CTIA announced that the database for stolen smartphones now allows carriers to block activation of LTE smartphones as well as 3G devices, hopefully deterring their theft, and has been integrated with international databases so foreign carriers can assist the effort.