True/False: 1.F   2.F   3.T   4.F   5.F   6.F   7.F   8.T   9.T   10.F   11.F   12.F

Matching: 1.C  2.D   3.A   4.B   5.J   6.H   7.I   8.E   9.F   10.G

Problem Solving

1.       Alternative to Tape Storage: First I will a head and google “alternative to tape storage” and see what will be popped up. Then I will look at reliable website to seek for information about other storage technologies that are suitable to back up important files of my company. I will consider the following factors: storage capacity, access time, and cost. 

2.       Faulty RFID Card: I will call and report to the company security. I will try to scan my card alone because sometime if I put my card in my wallet, it can get in touch with credit cards and this may cause demagnetization or desensitization.

3.       Media Not Supported: I can use an external USB CD/DVD drive plugged into any available USB port on my laptop to install the program. Or I can also use a different computer that is equipped with a CD/DVD drive, then copy the files on the program DVD into a USB thumb drive and transfer to my laptop.

4.       Missing Files: The problem happened may be because of the unsuccessful process that you transferred or stored your files on a USB flash drive. You probably remove the USB from the USB port without rejecting it from the operating system, or you remove before the copying process is completed. Therefore, the files are not actually stored on your USB flash drive.

5.       Unrecognized Storage Device: This is happening because the drive is incorrectly formatted. Not every drive is optimized for Macs. It could be that you are trying to connect something only fit to interact with Windows devices. If you have got a PC or laptop, it’s worth connecting and seeing if you can access the files through another device.  

Internet Research: Social Media – Locating Personal Information

            I used a search engine to locate my name and yes, the search results listed websites with the mane that I searched. Online social networks and companies that have records of this name are Facebooks, Google, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, UW-Superior. I tried to look up for my name on and Then I figured out that my profile is opposed such as age, current location, address, phone number, and some of my relatives. It was surprising that it also knows where I used to live and my old phone number. I actually don’t want it to be public, so I attempt to report and contact these website to remove my personal information from those sources.