True/False: 1.F   2.F   3.T   4.F   5.T   6.T   7.T   8.T   9.T   10.F   11.F   12.T

Matching: 1.H  2.I   3.J   4.F   5.B   6.E   7.G   8.D   9.C   10.A

Problem Solving

1.      Faulty Update: If a recent operating system update causes a problem to occur with a program I you regularly, I will go ahead to set my computer not to install updates for the operating system automatically. Later on, when they fix the errors of the recent operating system, I will update it manually.

2.       Mobile Device Operating System Upgrade: Because the mobile phone is belonged to my company that has provided to me for work-related business, I will ask the IT department that whether there is any problem if I install the upgrade for that mobile phone. If so, I will remain the current operating system. Otherwise, I can install the most recent upgrade.   

3.       Difficulty Signing In to Operating System: First, I need to make sure that my password is correct. If it still doesnít work with my correct password, I will try to use the troubleshooting command prompt to activate the hidden administrator account. Then log in with that account to be able to access Admin privileges. Now I can remove and re-add the account.   

4.       Virtual Machine Error: To correct the problem, first I try to close virtual machine. Then delete any files and folders I see in the directory of the problematic virtual machine. Next step is running virtual machine again and start it.

5.      Insufficient Access: This error happens sometimes because I donít have the necessary permissions over the installation directory or I donít have administrator privileges while installing certain software. Sometimes the installation process will try to replace certain files even if they are still running, and that can cause the error to appear as well.   

Internet Research: Security Ė Virus, Spyware, and Malware Protection

††††††††††† McAfee gives virus information as follow. The most recently active virus threat was discovered at 2/6/2017. Itís one of malware called Android/FakeApp with low risk level. The latest active virus threat updated at 2/13/2018 had been discovered at 12/26/2006. Itís in virus type named W32/Fujacks.remnants at low risk level. Depending on what kind of virus infecting your PC, various removal tools are available for you to remove it from your system and help repair the damage done such as McAfee Stinger, Klez Removal Tool, or Bugbear Removal Tool. The next virus payload strike is scheduled at November 13, 2018.