Tam Pham Bang Le

ITS 380

Shin-Ping Tucker

October 11, 2019

CH6 E-Commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts

Case Study Ė Programmatic Advertising: Real-Time Marketing:

1.      Pay a visit to your favorite portal and count the total ads on the opening page. Count how many of these ads are (a) immediately of interest and relevant to you, (b) sort of interesting or relevant but not now, and (c) not interesting or relevant. Do this 10 times and calculate the percentage of the three kinds of situations. Describe what you find and explain the results using this case?

0% of the ads were relevant and interesting to me, 20% were sort of but not now, and 80% were not relevant or interesting to me. The opening page of a web portal has ads that are general and lack any aim for a particular consumer. I didnít see any ad that is immediately caught my attention. However, I did see some ads of the websites that I have visited before. For example, I have shopped on express.com and the very first big banner ad was from express.com saying they have 40% sale going on. Yahoo also put some random ads about downloading Adobe or buying healthy snack from Kellogg. I have never visited their sites or searched for these things but they would still show on the website. Those didnít get my immediate attention too.

2.      Advertisers use different kinds of" profiles" in the decision to display ads to customers. Identify the different kinds of profiles described in this case, and explain why they are relevant to online display advertising?

††††† Profiles are built by recording of behavior of consumers online, and gathering information about their interests, age, gender, location, preferences, etc. This makes it possible for advertisers to choose from a very large list of profiles, to determine the relevance and target the specified profiles. For advertisers who use online display advertising, using banner ads pop-ups and such.

3.      How can display ads achieve search-engine-like results?

††††† Display ads can achieve search-engine-like results by capturing the interests of individuals through the instance of searching and using display ads relevant to those searches. With the use of tracking soft wares suck as beacons, web bugs, cookies, and flash cookies, it enables advertisers to obtain profiles of consumers. The profile is the information regarding the online behavior and characteristics of consumers. To be specific, the product pages, services, and the search engine keywords used are constructed as profile information.

4. Do you think instant display ads based on your immediately prior clickstream will be as effective as search engine marketing techniques? Why or why not?

Instant display ads based on prior click stream will sometimes be as effective as search engine marketing techniques. There are some disadvantages of using click stream behavior, where information may not be relevant for the advertisers to use. Prior click stream behavior is defined as recording of consumer behavior in the short term. Users leave a click path that shows the route to where they had navigated on a website. For example, a user may click on a clothing store website, and then clicks on an electronics website. This information is not enough for researchers to analyze the reasoning for their behaviors. However, it may also pose an advantage because it allows marketers to send messages to the intended party. It also increases the chances of a positive engagement by each user.



1.      Surf the Web for at least 15 minutes. Visit at least two different e-commerce sites. Make a list describing in detail all the different marketing communication tools you see being used. Which do you believe is the most effective and why?

 I looked at Amazon.com and Ebay.com and found they both use Advertising and Social Media as different marketing communication tools. Amazon uses advertising the best by using video advertisements on their site and also on the television.I have seen Ebay pop up multiple times on my Facebook and Twitter page but I have never seen any television commercials.On the internet, they show new products and popular products that may be interested in based off of what my recent searches are.Advertising within Social Media is very powerful because people are constantly on the internet.People will constantly see ads all around them everywhere they go whether it be when walking around town or on social media.

2.      Visit Facebook and examine the ads shown in the right margin and in your News Feed. What is being advertised and how do you believe it is relevant to your interests or online behavior? You could also search on a retail product on Google several times, and related products, then visit Yahoo or another popular site to see if your past behavior is helping advertisers track you.

The ads that appear on the right side of my Facebook page are for Amazon and for Yahoo sports.Facebook can track what people check out throughout the website and have noticed that I have recently searched on Amazon and in sports and sports stories/news. I assume that Amazon is being advertised because I use Amazon every once in a while.I use Yahoo Sports for fantasy football and hockey, and those sites are visited every day.