Tam Pham Bang Le

ITS 380

Shin-Ping Tucker

October 25, 2019

CH7 Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing

Case Study – ExchangeHunterJumper.com:

1.  Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to exchangehunterjumper.com in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not?

I have visited equinenow.com, which is another website that sells horses. The Exchange has a feature that this website does not have, which are videos of the horses.

2.  In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the highest increase in sales and inquiries? Why?

      Social media has been effective to promote The Exchange brand, some of the sites are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, but Facebook was the media that led to the highest increase in sales and inquiries because it is an easier media site to connect with customers and to spread the word.

3.  Make a list of all the ways The Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both buyers and sellers.

      Some of the ways The Exchange plans to personalize its services include:

1.      A new personalize search method

2.      Personal strategies for each horse and customer

3.      Enable recommendations

4.      Work with customer’s limitations


1.      Visit two websites of your choice and apply the social marketing process model to both. Critically compare and contrast the effectiveness of these sites in terms of the dimensions of the social marketing process. How well do these sites acquire fans, generate engagement, amplify responses, create a community, and strengthen their brands? What recommendations can you make for these sites to improve their effectiveness?

 I visited Nike’s website and Lululemon's website. Both of them strengthen their brands with a powerful website that it is easy to use and easy to navigate through it, in other words, consumer friendly. Lululemon has a “bigger” community, possible the sales of Nike are higher, but Lululemon is more active in social media, and their fans seem to appeal more loyalty to the brand. Both websites generate engagement with the display of ads of their newer products, discounts, etc. Lululemon is probably doing a better job acquiring fans, they are more active in social media than Nike, but Nike’s market share is already too big so it is more complicated to focus on just a specific group of customers as Lululemon does. I will recommend Nike to increase their social media presence is some platforms, or use different marketing campaigns depending on the customer profile; they probably have an enough database to obtain the necessary information from each customer.

2.      Visit your Facebook profile page and examine the ads shown in the right margin. What is being advertised and how do you believe it is relevant to your interests or online behavior? Make a list of ads appearing in your News Feed. Are these ads appropriately targeted to you in terms of your demographics, interests, and past purchases? Surf the web, visiting at least two retail websites. In the next 24 hours, do you see advertising on Facebook related to your surfing behavior?

The things I see on the right margin of my Facebook are the ads of eBay, BestBuy, google and Amazon. These were the sites I visited the most. Sometimes I go to fossil.com where I see different kinds of watch. I can see the same watch on my Facebook. I think it is a way of telling people to come back and buy that product. When I open my Facebook, the advertisement I see seems like they are telling us to buy the product. The more I see, the more I want to buy the same product. It is a nice way to get people's attraction.