Undral Naran

ITS 380 Global E- Commerce

Chapter 7

Case Study Questions


1.             Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to exchangehunterjumper.com in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not?

I visited horseclicks.com. This site was pretty much similar to exchangehunterjumper.com in terms of general layout of the website and what it offered. The main difference was the Exchange was mainly focused on selling horses while horseclicks.com offered several other products such as real estate properties, trailers and saddles. The Exchange gives feeling of specialty more than the HorseClicks. It made it more personal and more credible.



2.             In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the highest increase in sales and inquiries? Why?

Facebook led to the highest increase in sales and inquiries. When the Exchange brand started, social media and social networking weren’t this strongly presented as now. Since social media has become more reputable and becoming more and more popular, the Exchange has to jump in and make their presence. Social media would help them to spread word of mouth about the brand, and attract potential customers from anywhere in the world.   


3.             Make a list of all the ways The Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both buyers and sellers.

·      It is easy to sort and browse through the listings

·      It provides visuals

·      It provides professional help for the listings for the sellers

·      Both buyers and sellers fill out special forms in attempts define main goals

·      Provides personalized profiles

·      Provides links to social media addresses




1.    Visit your Facebook page and examine the ads shown in the right margin. What is being advertised and how do you believe it is relevant to your interests or online behavior? Make a list of ads appearing in your News Feed. Are these ads appropriately targeted to you in terms of your demographics, interests, and past purchases? Go to at least two websites, and Like it or Like a product. In the next 24 hours, do you see marketing messages on Facebook related to your Likes?

The advertisements on the right margin of my Facebook was from Walmart.com and stthomas.edu. I don’t necessarily think these ads were appropriately targeted to me in terms of my demographics, interest or past purchases. I shop at Walmart physical store but I don’t shop Walmart.com. Since Walmart has hundreds of locations in the states, the ad could be random. I visited Nordstrom.com and Macys.com. But their ads didn’t show up on my Facebook the day after I visited them.


2.    Identify two Pinterest brand pages. Identify how they use Pinterest marketing tools described in this chapter. Are there some tools they are not using? What recommendations can you make for these sites to improve their Pinterest marketing campaigns?

The first brand page I have visited was Nordstrom’s page. From my point of view, they aced Pinterest marketing tools. They used every available feature that they described in the textbook. It was easy to navigate, easy to share with other social media platforms, easy to go to purchase links and easy to find particular product one might search for.


                  The second page I have visited was Sephora’s page. They are also doing an excellent job on using available marketing tools on Pinterest. One thing different than Nordstrom’s page was Sephora’s page has a lot of real customer’s input such as make up selfie used the product that they purchased from Sephora. It made Sephora’s page more personal and intimate with their potential customers.