ITS 380-001 Global E-Commerce Systems

Xueying Mei

CH6 E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts


P.421 Case Study Questions:

Q1: Pay a visit to your favorite portal and count the total ads on the opening page. Count how many of these ads are (a) immediately of interest and relevant to you, (b) sort of interesting or relevant but not now, and (c) not interesting or relevant. Do this 10 times and calculate the percentage of the three kinds of situations. Describe what you find and explain the results using this case.


You might want to ask students whether they have cookies turned off, or use an ad blocker, or use software to prevent tracking. Ordinarily, students do not take these steps. In general, it is likely that students will report that only a small percent (at best 20%) of the ads are appropriate in any way for them. This means the online advertising at these sites is not very efficient. In part this is the case because the advertisers know very little about individuals per se. This is not the case at product or service sites where context advertising can be quite effective. If you go to an auto site like, or a fashion site like, you will receive ads appropriate for these contexts.


Q2: Advertisers use different kinds of "profiles" in the decision to display ads to customers. Identify the different kinds of profiles described in this case, and explain why they are relevant to online display advertising.


Programmatic advertising - majorly looks into factors like demographics, geography, interests, behavior of the browser. It makes a profile of the browser based on their online activities and start displaying ads which might be of interest or relevance to the browser. This data is collected by cookies installed in the sites. If we choose to not allow the cookies then the data will not be collected, however some sites tend to not allow the browser to proceed further without the browser accepting the cookies to collect data while they are browsing

In the above scenarios there were ads of online services and products which I had searched for in google like entrepreneurship programs which were of immediate interest to me - Here the programmatic advertising has figured out my interests based on my search patterns and the websites I have been visiting

In the above case I did get ads on cheaper air tickets to destinations I had flown in the past, Products which I had purchased in the past which were interesting & relevant but not now since I had shown interest them in the past and might show interest in the future.

In the above case there were couple of flagship products which some companies have been trying to push it on me but I was not interested. These ads come based on the similar profiles activities for which I had shown no interest but some other profile similar to mine had shown interest and assuming that I will also be interested, the ads were published.


Q3: How can display ads achieve search-engine-like results?


Search engines like Google are able to give the most apt, customized results to each browser based on their interests. This is possible for search engines by building a behavioral profile of the browsers. Display ads can achieve results like search engines if they are also able to build a right profile of the browser by collecting data from the sites they visit the products or services they browse through and show them the right ads.


Q4: Do you think instant display ads based on your immediately prior clickstream will be as effective as search engine marketing techniques? Why or why not?


Instant Display ads based on your immediate prior clickstream may not be that effective as search engine marketing techniques because the browsers prior activities may not be much mindful of what he has been clicking. Even if the browser had accidentally clicked on a product link and he gets bombarded with the same products ad he is unlikely to buy it.

However, if a browser is seriously comparing the features of a product he is about to buy with other competitor products then display ad of that product might work in the favor of the advertiser. But the chance and probability of showing the right product to the right browser who is showing this interest cannot happen with immediate past clickstream but can be effective when a longer period of time of clickstream data can be collected and targets the right audience.


P.424 Projects:

Q1: Go to Take the survey to determine which lifestyle category you fit into. Then write a two-page paper describing how your lifestyle and values impact your use of e-commerce. How is your online consumer behavior affected by your lifestyle?


I fit into lifestyle category of believers and the next category to which my values are close is achievers. My lifestyle and values make me look for bargains and convenience. As e-commerce allows both the benefits I prefer to use e-commerce through trusted sources. As e-commerce is in practice since some time, the risks associated with its use and drawbacks have already been listed as per the experience of many customers who seek new experiences. I weigh my options for any purchase and purpose in a manner that I avoid any possible fallouts. These qualities conform to my lifestyle category of believers who are slow to change habits and are cautious in approach. I like to keep myself well informed. E-commerce is easy and modern way to do so. I can access the products available without the need of traveling far and anytime as per my convenience. There is plethora of options on e-commerce which offer bargains and offers. This makes the efforts and time spent worthwhile. It also helps to address the immediate needs so that things are not delayed and are available when needed. This increases my habits of using e-commerce more to take care of my daily needs.

My online behavior comprises of choosing good offers and trusted sources of purchase. I do not mind spending a little extra if that guarantees me satisfaction and reliability of the source and product. As I look for long term benefits of the products this helps my approach for buying online. As I like comfort and safe approach, I prefer to buy brands that are established in the market and there is assurance of quality product being delivered. As I am getting accustomed to shopping online, I am exploring more and more options as that is becoming the most commonly used method for shopping. I like to have planned approach to buy things like comparing various options and then making a purchase. I do not like to shop lot of things together and prefer a spaced-out approach so that I can evaluate results of the services and products before making any further purchase. But if I spend time for shopping online, I prefer that I should get some results from the same so that my time has been spent efficiently and my efforts are not wasted. It has helped to learn more about online shopping and making me more familiar of the various options available in online shopping.


Q2: Given the shift toward m-commerce, do a search on m-commerce (or mobile commerce) crime. Identify and discuss the security threats this type of technology creates. Prepare a presentation outlining your vision of the new opportunities for cybercrime that m-commerce may provide.


Net-A-Porter site offers array, magnificence, shoes, gems and different frill focusing on ladies, so Internet advertising plan for the site is as per the following:

Interpersonal organization Marketing:

Do the Brand Awareness Campaign during the time focusing on ladies related interests in Google and face book.

At that point do the Conversions crusade to have items sold from the site and application.

Likewise, bring out the YouTube battle either through guard promotions or skippable advertisement to acquire eyeballs about the brand.

Blog showcasing:

As of now site comprises of numerous articles recorded on the site, increment the size and nature of articles in a different blog.

Give ladies the need of form in the articles composed over the blog.

Affiliate Marketing:

Do an email marketing targeting only the women who are interested in the fashion related products of the range listed in the website.

Partner with affiliates to do reach correct target in the affiliate helpful publishers.

One to One Marketing:

Do carry out the one to one marketing for the wealthy individuals where the ticket size will be high.

Viral marketing:

Do viral marketing through programs in the television or internet channel.

Go Face book live sessions so that the target audience will engage with the content and then share the brands content.