Xiaoling Wu

ITS 370

Ch9 Homework




5.   Define the required wattage for a UPS to be used with the following systems:

a.   Monitor: 2 amps; CPU: 3 amps; printer: 3 amps

b.   Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 3 amps

c.   Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 4 amps


Assuming that the systems are operating in the United States at a standard voltage of 120 volts at 60 Hz:

a.   (2 * 120) + (3 * 120) + (3 * 120) = 960 watts

b.   (3 * 120) + (4 * 120) + (3 * 120) = 1,200 watts

c.   (3 * 120) + (4 * 120) + (4 * 120) = 1,320 watts

6.      Search the Web for a UPS that provides the wattage necessary to run the systems described in Exercise 5 for at least 15 minutes during a power outage.

Answer: The products that students may find can be evaluated by the common practice of vendors rating the unit in VA hours. A unit rated at 200 VA hours will support 800 watts for 15 minutes (a quarter-hour). Using this process, the minimum VA hour rating for UPS units that meet the requirement are:

a.   240 VA hours

b.   300 VA hours

c.   330 VA hours


Case Exercises:

Amy walked into her office cubicle and sat down. The entire episode with the blond man had taken well over two hours of her day. Plus, the police officers had told her the district attor- ney would also want to speak with her, which meant she would have to spend even more time dealing with this incident. She hoped her manager would understand.

Discussion Questions

1.      Based on this case study, what security awareness measures, training documents, and posters had an impact on this event?

Answer: In this situation the security awareness, training documents and posters seem not actively impact on this event. Because employees may begin to neglect security matters and the risk of employee accidents and failures is likely to increase.

2.      Do you think that Amy should have done anything differently? What would you have done in her situation?

Answer: Yes, because talking to a person who is entirely is of taking much risk in her life. Sharing or exposing any of her personal information to an unknown is risking her life all ways. So, it should be avoided. The person whom she met online is still know where Amy is living. So, Amy should have done some other thing like encouraging herself to find friends at school or maybe she can talk with her teacher or school counselor or any of her family members.


Ethical Decision Making

Suppose that the blond man in the scenario was someone Amy knew socially. Suppose she also knew he had no relationship to the company and no business being in the building. If Amy chose not to make a report about the event, would she be violating her ethical position?

Answer: If Amy chooses not to make report about the incident, it is like violating her ethical position, because Amy was late to office and Amy was in need to explain the situation to her manager.