Xiaosi Zhai

MD 12

True or False Questions

1. F    2. T    3. T       4. F     5. F     

6. F     7. T      8. F       9. T     10. F 

11. T     12. T 


            1. H    2. B    3. C   4. J     5. D

            6. I      7. E    8. G   9. A    10. F

Personal and Professional Questions

1. Keyword for Job Search

Answer: Someone that is looking for a job should perform a job search on a search engine such as Google. While searching on these websites the person should look for jargons that are specific to a certain type of business. Some keywords include “training,” “computers,” “Microsoft,” “software,” “Linux,” etc.

2. Online Job Search

Answer: There are many different places to look for the job searching besides looking on job searching websites. The simplest form of job search would be through the local newspaper. People can also look on social media website such as Linked In or Facebook that will advertise any opportunities in the workplace.

3. Documenting Education and Experience

Answer: Job resumes should cover any education and experience that they have received. The education that the person should put down are any degrees, certifications, and any additional classes that they have taken or are finishing. The experience should include any place that they have previously worked, rewards that they have received, and references that will be able to help make them look professional.

4. Contemplating a Job Offer

Answer: When a person receives a job offer they must consider the pros and cons of the jobs. The fact that a person receives a job offer right away means that they are in demand and should be in contact with the company but should wait and see if they receive additional offers. A newly graduated student should never accept the first job they are presented since they will receive additional offers that may be better. They should keep options open and consider their value for different companies.

9. Tough Decision

Answer: A company should take into considerations many different things when they are hiring people in the company. The first thing is whether they want someone that has job related experience that will know the program or someone that has certifications in the programs that may bring something new into the company. The company should investigate the certifications that the employee has to figure out if they are relevant to the job and if they are recommended by their past professional supervisors.

Internet Research Question

4. Java Flaws

Answer: According to eWeek, Java has 301 vulnerabilities in their new update of Oracle, which is lower than the previous version of 334 vulnerabilities but still lower than the last. Out of the 301 vulnerabilities around 49 of them are rated with a CVSS score of 9.0 or higher. Inside of Java there are 12 Java SE flaws, 11 of which are remotely exploitable without user authentication. According to ZDNet, Oracles Java is one of the most impactful for enterprise assets around the world. However, a bug in a component of Java is being used to gain elevated privileges. These security flaws are impactful to companies and may affect up to 28 percent of enterprises.