ITS 230

Xiaosi Zhai

Chapter 8


True or False Questions

1-5. F F T F F

†6-10. F T T T F†

11-12. F F


1.      C 1-5. C D A B J

2.      †6-10. H I E F G

2. Second Hard Drive Connection

            Installing a second hard drive is not that difficult of a task. After removal of a panel the person installing the hard drive will need to place it in the mounting rack and connect it. However, if the computer does not come with a cord for this connection there can be a problem. One way to resolve this issue is to look at the model that the new hard drive and ensure that the computer is compatible. If the computer is not compatible, then there are always adapters to make that cord work. Most computers are using hard drive called SATA, which allows the user the benefit of having the knowledge of the cord that they need to pick out.

3. Incompatible Memory Card.

            A computer may not have an adequate connection for a memory card, so the user must use other methods of downloading their pictures. The easiest method includes using a USB cord, which should come with the camera, to connect your two devices. This will allow the user to transfer photos onto their computer and not require a memory card to be inserted into it. Uploaded pictures will now be in the file explore under photos or connected devices.

4. Media Not Supported

            Some laptops do not come with the optical disk drives, which can become a problem for people that have bought programs that come on DVDs. However, these days the user can download the program straight from the creatorís website. The user should receive a code with their purchase of the DVD, which allows the user to enter the code to receive this new program. If the DVD does not come with the code or an error occurs then the company that created the DVD should be contacted to resolve this issue.

9. Faulty RFID Card

            An RFID card can experience issues where it will no longer recognize the user as being nearby. When this happens to the RFID card, it usually means that the antenna was damaged or broken or that the RFID has been become faults in the software. If the RFID cardsí antenna is damaged or broken, then the user should request a new tag as a replacement. This is a simple fix and should not cause any issues for the employee. However, if the employee is not being recognized because of issues with the software, it can become a complicated issue to correct. RFID cards that have issues in their software can perform poorly and not be able to correctly scan. However, the company can fix this issue by readjusting frequencies, reprogramming, or replacing the card all together.

10. Files Not Synchronizing

            The cloud is a resource for people to access material from multiple locations without having the original device that the documents were stored on. One reason that the file may not be able to synchronize is due to a large file size that may need to be zipped and compressed to lower the file size. Secondly, the file may be saved in the wrong location, which means that the user should check other places on the cloud or use the search bar to try locating the document. The user should also try resaving the file and using a unique/identifying name for the document. Finally, the user should try to stop and restart their sync in order to reestablish their upload.


Internet Research

4. Degaussing Storage Media

            There are many types of degaussers that are available that allow people to reduce or eliminate an unwanted magnetic field stored on tape and disk media. There are several types of degaussers that allow someone to complete this task, such as, a permanent magnet degausser, electromagnetic degausses, portable degaussers, high volume degaussers, and tape degaussers. A degausser is a guaranteed form of hard drive erasure that allows the user to destroy data. These degaussers will erase the data of a hard drive by generating a magnetic field so powerful that it permanently removes the magnetic properties from the iron oxide or chromium dioxide coatings which erase, or randomize, the recorded data pattern. The rating of degausser for different media is based upon the degausserís maximum magnetic field strength. Degaussing a hard drive does not take much time and can be done in as little as a few seconds to only a few minutes depending on the method used. Some companies offer degaussing services that allow the user to either send in their drives and receive a certificate of destruction after completion, bring the drive in and watch the process unfold to ensure destruction, or perform self-service where the customer de