True and False:

1. T†† 2. F     3. T      4. T     5. T     

6. F     7. T      8. T     9. F     10. F 

11. T  12. F 


        1. F†   2. H    3. G   4. I    5. J

        6. D††† 7. A††† 8. B†  9. E†  10. C

Personal and Professional Questions:

1.      Problems Exchanging Files

Answer: A Bluetooth device must be connected to the computer through a wireless connection. This can be connected by choosing the device from a search network or by entering a code. The Bluetooth may not work because the user may be out of range of Bluetooth capability, not connected to the device, or the files may be too large to transfer.

2.      Cannot Connect to Hot Spot

Answer: A wireless hotspot allows users to create a mobile hot spot via 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet service. A mobile hotspot has issues if they have not permitted hotspots through their settings on their laptop. These hotspots require that the user allow permission for the hotspots to be accessible through the business. However, sometimes hotspots restrict access through agreements and password requirements that stop outside users from accessing the network.

3.      Paired Bluetooth Devices

Answer: As technology advanced people have been able to connect their phones through Bluetooth to their cars. Although cars can have multiple devices connected to a car at once, there are limitations to the operations that can be performed at any given time. There will always be a primary user, which is the only one that can take calls or receive data over the speakers in the car. If there is a secondary user with their phone connected then they will not be able to use the speaker since they are not the primary user.

4.      Slow Internet Connection

Answer: Internet connection may be slow for a variety of reasons that is not determined by the number of devices that have been added to the computer. The first issue would be a routers positioning in the house that does not allow access to internet throughout the whole living area. Secondly, some devices inside the house cause interference for internet, such as microwaves, that can cause disruptions. Thirdly, there have been issues in the past regarding neighbors connecting to otherís WIFI that cause internet connections to slow down. Finally, the internet may be slowing down because of other users taking up the internet through multiple tabs or streaming.

      6.  Cannot Access Network

           Answer:      An employer that is trying to access network capabilities at their workplace on their personal computer may face issues while trying to connect. When they bring their personal computers to the workplace they may not be able to connect since their workplaces disallow outside sources. The network may restrict outside computer from connecting because the business does not want to connect to the network.

Internet Research Question

2. Online Dating Websites

         Answer:    One dating website is called eHarmony that will have almost three million people register during the year looking for relationships and ten million current active members. There are no initial membership costs, however, this website charges fees either monthly or every three months. A one month membership costs $59.95 and a three month membership will cost $29.95 per month or $89.85 for the whole time. User privacy must be careful with their information and not provide any information that they are not comfortable enough providing to the world. The company works hard to identify users that exploit other and give away other peopleís information to flag these members.

            Another dating website is called Match has almost eight million users and predicts that they will continue that growth in the future. There are no initial costs for an account, but the user must pay monthly fees depending on type of account. These accounts can be standard or premium that can increase the costs of this matchmaking services. Standard plans cost $35.99 per month, three month plans cost $19.99 per month, and six month plans can cost $17.99 per month. Match states that the user data is protected in their Privacy Policy and will only connect certain information through cookies and any inputs. Match also tries to stop any users that are attempting to share personal information and will also flag their accounts to ensur