Xiaosi Zhai

MD 11

ITS 230

True or False Questions

1-5. T   T   F   T   T

6-10. F   T   T   T   F

11-12. F   T


   1-5. G  H  I   A   B

  6-10. F   C  E  J  D       

Personal and Professional Questions

1.      No Search Results

Answer: A web database may not provide results for web searches for a variety of reasons. A search result may have been too specific for the website to find any information on the vacation destination. The user should expand their search and not restrict their searches so much. Another reason is that their search may have been typed in poorly and the computer thinks the user is asking for a hotel with the cities name instead of the hotel itself.

2.      Incorrect Prices

Answer: Grocery stores usually have items that are on special or a weekly sale that they are advertising. However, sales may have been registered wrong on the host network which causes sales to not appear on the registers. There is also the possibility that the code is marked for the wrong QR code and does not recognize it. These systems may have an abundancy of issues that the user cannot fix, however, grocery stores are able to manually enter these discounts if they are listed, unless they have expired.

3.      Webpage Not Readable

Answer: Smartphones are different from computer in the sense that they are not able to process code in the same way. Programmers must fix these issues by ensuring compatibility with other devices besides a single device. If the smartphone cannot read the information properly then they should try accessing the website on different devices. Users that encounter these issues on their smartphone should submit a request or email the programmer to ensure that all devices are compatible.

      6.  Data Entry Issues

Answer: A network may be limited to a specific number of character that restrict the amount of characters that someone can enter information for people’s accounts. The user should try to communicate this issue with the head of the IT department and fix this issue to allow more information to be entered. Another solution would be to abbreviate the information as much as possible that will allow the school to identify their address but not short enough that it causes issues for determining their location.

      7. Incorrect Postal Codes

Answer: Databases that require the location of customers should have the address, state, city, and postal code. An issue where the postal code box does not have enough characters should be resolved right away or their location will not be able to identify shipment. A way to correct this is by checking the number of characters that are allowed in the box. Sometimes the number of characters are entered wrong when coding the website and must be fixed. This can be done by going onto the code and changing the characters allowed from “4” to “5” in the code.

Internet Research Question

1)      Making Use of the Web

Answer: (a)      According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum there are currently around 323 people/bands that have been inducted into the hall of fame. There are currently 22 different artists that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame multiple times including people like Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, etc. Upcoming events include “’Tis the Season to Rock Out” where there will be live music and a special dinner and “Rock Hall Nights” which you can get drink voucher, VIP check-in, and giveaways. The rock and roll night school offer classes to teach history of rock & roll, the fine arts, language arts, and social studies.

      (b)       11/12 correct for 3,550 points. Three new movies that are coming out include: Ralph Breaks the Internet, Creed 2, and Robin Hood. The top news story of the day is “In Memory of Stan Lee” who was the creator of the Marvel universe who died at the age of 95.

(c)      The Hollywood Reporter is an entertainment website that tries to keep their visitors up to date on the newest events in the entertainment world. Some feature articles include “Fox News vs. Fox Culture War Grows as Murdoch Empire Shrinks,” “One of Stan Lee’s Final Videos Was a Love Letter to Fans,” and “Steve Carell Prepares for Comedic Return in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo.” These articles and videos include advertisements and on the side of the screen and while watching videos. Advertisements are used on this website to provide advertisements for other websites and services such as the Fox News station.