Xiaosi Zhai

ITS 230



True/ False

1-5. F, T, F, T, T††††††

†6-10. F, T, T, T, T

11-12. T, F



1-5. C, G, A, F, H

6-10. I, J, B, E, D


Problem Solving

1.      Antivirus program Not Updating

When you use Avant antivirus in your device then there is a need of regular updating. If Avant antivirus not updating then you need to fix this issue. For resolving this issue, we are describing some steps, you just need a look on these steps:

         First of all you need to open Avant antivirus.

         Then you will have to click on the settings option.

         Now you need to click on the Update option.

         After that you will have to click on the Avant icon.

         Here you are required to select update then you need to click on the program option.

         Now you will have to wait for some time until the update is completed.

         If prompted then you need to restart your computer.

         After restart your computer will be reboot immediately.

         Get prompt help through Avant support team.


2.      Operating System Does Not Load

         This means your system has below-mentioned problems, which prevents proper loading of the operating system:

         The hard driveís system partition is damaged due to sudden power cuts, virus infection, or disk write error.

         The operating systemís files and folders are damaged.

         The system BIOS does not support the hard drive.

         Multiple hard drives have been connected to your computer due to which the primary hard drive containing the operating system & system applications is now not being detected.

         The hard drive has become physically corrupt.




3.      Unwanted Software

Control panel - programs - uninstall a program - screen will be displayed by listing all the programs that are installed in the system. Then double click the programs for uninstalling the unnecessary programs from the system


4.      News Not Updating

Check the mobile data or internet connection, or restart the app or the device.

5.      Incompatible App

It refers that the tablet is getting lacking in the latest version android, in which the app has been developed or the restrictions has been set by the creator which doesnít support the tablet.


Internet Research

Social Media

†Online Gaming

Research: For the two online gaming networks I visited, there are hundreds of games showed up on the site. Mostly, people are discussing the topics of how to improve the skills in the games, what games are better to play, where to find the good stuffs in the games and so on. And the rewards are available, they are get points from the posting, and they can how translate in to the games that they are playing, in that case, they can buy something from the games. There are many article posted in the site about the games, both positive and negative, so this is pretty fair, because it is not only showing the good side of it, as well as the bad side. Also, in the website, it reminds people do not over focus on the games. In my case, I am not a big fan of online gaming, so I havenít participated in gaming online social networks.