ITS 230

Xiaosi Zhai

Chapter 3



1-5. T, F, F, F, F

6-10. T, T, T, F, F

11-12. T, T



1-5. g, b, h, j, d

6-10. a, I, f, c, e


Problem solving

1.      Slow Computer Performance Your computer is running exceptionally slow. Not only does it take the operating system a long time to start, but programs also are not performing as well as they used to perform. How might you resolve this?

Answer:  Stop unnecessary start up programs, run a disk defragment or cleanup.


2.      Faulty ATM When using an ATM to deposit a check, the ATM misreads the amount of the check and credits your account the incorrect amount. What can you do to resolve this?

Answer:  Immediately report the faulty ATM via telephone banking & give them relevant details regarding the check.

3.      Wearable Device Not Syncing Your wearable device synchronized with your smartphone this morning when you turned it on, but the two devices no longer are synchronized. What might be wrong, and what are your next steps?

Answer: Make sure that both devices are paired through Bluetooth and none of them are in the battery saving mode. Use the re-sync app to resync the two devices.


4.       Battery Draining Quickly Although the battery on your smartphone is fully charged, it drains quickly. In some instances when the phone shows that the battery has 30% remaining, it shuts down immediately. What might be wrong?

Answer: This is due to the old age of battery or irregular charge cycles. The battery will have to be re-synced. Once the mobile shuts down and doesn't restart, hold down the power button for a few mins, this will make sure all the charge is removed from the battery. Then charge the battery to complete 100% and then switch on your mobile. If this doesn't resolve the issue, then the battery will have to be replaced.


5.       Potential Virus Infection While using your laptop, a message is displayed stating that your computer is infected with a virus and you should click a link to download a program designed to remove the virus. How will you respond?

Answer: Restart the system in safe mode & use an anti-spyware/malware/antivirus software to search and quarantine the virus or use a software like Norton Ghost which boots from a usb and scans the hdd. 


Internet research

2. Social Media

Product Ratings and review

Result: In my research, I visited three online social network sites, and they all have about very high likes and followers, more than two hundred million. The three organizations, businesses, products that have a present on social network are Apple- one of the most popular leading branding company in the world; Gucci, also defined as one of the top fashion brands in the world; Sony and so on. They also have pretty high followers. I think online social networks encourage sharing options by their popularity.  First, they made themselves be valued and being used by more people. Once there are negative posts are written, it always depend in case, never be the same, they have responds from both sides .