ITS 364

Chapter 22

Xiaosi Zhai

Review and Discuss:

(1). E-mail can be the most effective way to promote any product or service online. It is a direct & simple way to communicate with your customers or users.

(2). One of the main advantages of email is that you can quickly and easily send electronic files such as text documents, photos and data sheets to several contacts simultaneously by attaching the file to an email.

(3). Email saves our environment because it helps to save paper and reduce the waste of paper and ink. I think AOL used to have a price back in the day but thatís been overridden by gmail, yahoo mail, and Hotmail and business email email accounts.

(4). SMS (short message service) is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile-device systems.[1] It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. An intermediary service can facilitate a text-to-voice conversion to be sent to landlines.

(5).  Cloud computing is useful because it doesnít require downloading software and nearly everything that the average person uses a computer for can be accomplished within a web app.


(6).      Cloud storage is a better option for file sharing because it doesnít have limits of about 10mb per email attachment like most email providers set. Most files these days are larger than 10mb unless itís just a low-res picture or a document for school.


(7).       A team can collaborate even when theyíre not together by using cloud computing to give input and offer their own perspective and sources.


(8).       The client gives the team a clearly defined outcome for the project and the project manager is there to organize the team and give them the means of reaching the end goal, he is also there to make compromises if needed with the client.


(9).       The producer is responsible for the execution of the multimedia project, they make sure that all the links fit together correctly and cohesively. The interface designer ensures that the product is user-friendly and functional and determines what works best with each other.


(10).   The quality insurance analyst is important because they create a list of guidelines that the project must meet, and they ensure that those guidelines are met to proper standard, resulting in a better more professional presentation.






†#3. 20 abbreviations used on twitter

1.       Ab/abt = about

2.       b/c = because

3.       b4 = before

4.       bgd = background

5.       BR = best regards

6.       BTW = by the way

7.       Clk = click

8.       Dm = direct messages

9.       Cld = cloud

10.   Em = email

11.   Fav= favorite

12.   Ftl = for the loss

13.   Ftw = for the win

14.   Idk = I donít know

15.  Rt = retweet

16.   Nts = note to self

17.   Prt = please retweet

18.   Smh = shaking my head

19.   Yoyo = youre on your own

20.   Wtv = whatever