ITS 230

Xiaosi Zhai



For this project, I want to talk about my experience about how cooking become one of my biggest hobbies. I start to learn how to cook when I was 10 because my mom foot was swollen so she was not able to walk at that time. Therefore, I have to help my mom do the grocery shopping and cook food for my family. At the beginning, my mom taught me some basic rules of cooking Chinese food. The rules to cook Chinese food is very easy. The first step is turn on the heat, pour some oil and wait the oil boil, and then put garlic and ginger to make the food tasted. Second step, we should put the ingredient inside of the pan in order, because some food takes longer time to cook, some takes shorter time, so we need to know what ingredient we should put first. Third Step, after the food was cooked, we need to put some salt and Chinese sauce inside the pan, then one Chinese dish is done. My mom gave me these tips to make the Chinese food. And thatís how I start to cook food. After a month, my mom foot was recover, so I didnít cook.

The second time I cook for my family is when I come to study in US. When I come to US, I realize how important for me to know how to cook Chinese food. Since my school is in a small town in Wisconsin, there are not authentic Chinese food and the food is expensive. My knowledge knows how to cook Chinese food makes me survive in US. In this video, I want to teach everyone how to use the easiest way to cook Chinese fried noodles. †General Chinese Cooking Principles. Here are 3 general principles for Chinese cooking:

         Try to vary the meat and vegetables in a dish so that there is an interesting variety of flavors, textures, and colors. The Chinese believe it is important to find balance and harmony in every aspect of life, including food.

         Fresh is best: always use fresh ingredients when possible.

         Be sure to have everything prepared before you start cooking: the vegetables washed, drained and cut; the meat cut and marinated; the sauces prepared.

Also, in this video, I want to talk about why know how to cook Chinese food change my life and make my life better. I also want to tell the classmate about my hometown and how my hometown develop so fast and the society of China change totally. Lufeng, formerly romanized as Lukfung,[a] is a county-level city in the southeast of Guangdong province, administered as a part of the prefecture-level city of Shanwei. It lies on the mainland on coast of the South China Sea east of Hong Kong.