ITS 230



True/ False

1.     F

2.     F

3.     T

4.     T

5.     T

6.     T

7.     F

8.     F

9.     T

10. T

11. T

12. T


13. i

14. c

15. d

16. e

17. f

18. g

19. b

20. h

21. j

22. a



Problem solving

1.   It's depended on browser to browser settings. If you are using Google chrome which is very widely used browser. There are only possible way using chrome extension Off the Record History option. it provides the functionality to maintain history of all chrome's incognito mode until the browse get closed. In primary use of incognito tab is that it leaves no trace of your browser history. but if we don't want and maintain history then it is possible through chrome extension "Off the Record History option”.

2.   If by mistake you have submitted your personal identification number and you have been victim of phishing scam through email service then in this case we always come forward and approach the government body.
like File police report and FTC( Federal Tread commission ) so that they can assistance you to identity theft victim at all possible condition.
if we do so then we prevent ourselves to bearded the big loss. because any one uses the personal identification number at various places.

3.    If it happens then you have to take immediate action on your computer or laptop and run full antivirus scan and delete that attachment from your drive.
4. Antivirus Software out of detected: -

4.   1st step: - If it happens then stop downloading the things from outer network or internet use and do not use pen drive or other sources so that no outer data can be entered into your system.
2nd Step: - Act to update your antivirus ASAP.

5.    The best practice to avoid making use of your laptop by wrong hand, you have provided the security and make password protected it. if it is done then anyone can use it or steal the personal information which is very harmful for you.


Internet research

Social Media

After my research, when I am changing my profile, everyone can see that and I can’t change the privacy for that. But when I am uploading my picture to the moments or share to the social media, I can choose who can see the stories, send friend requests and messages, or search for me by name or contract information. Most of the social software, you can change the privacy like that. Also, I can report posts if they violate the website’s term. You even can block someone that completely mute them from your social media.