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ITS 370







  1. Using the Web, search for “software firewalls.” Examine the various alternative available and compare their functionality, Cost, features and type of protection. Create a weighted ranking according to your own evaluation of the features and specifications of each software package.


OK now I will compare some of the software firewalls.


1) COMODO Firewall: This software is one of the famous firewall software, where it is

a free security programs. It is combination of antivirus and firewall.

cost: $39.99 per year



2) PC Tools firewall Plus:

It is free firewall which mainly protects from hackers and intruders.

It can also stop trojans, backdoors from intruders.

Cost: free



3) Zone Alarm Firewall:

It is very good firewall for windows users. It can replace windows firewall.

cost: $44.95



4) A shampoo Firewall Free:

It is an easy to use software that lets users control and prevent unwanted connections

to internet. It has nice UI interface.

cost: $9.95



5) Online Armor:

It is all features like similar to other firewalls. But it has extra feature

like keylogger guard, tamper protection, worm protection.

cost: $12.95



6) Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free:

This software has many advanced features including proactive protection against

malware, some worm installed applications activity, illegal termination, policy

correction etc...

cost: $29.95



7) Filseclab Personal Firewall: This software can able to can block most attacks

from worm viruses and Trojans, as well as some main Adware and Spyware.

cost: $480.00


  1. Suppose management want to create a “server farm” for configuration in Figure 6-18 that allows a proxy firewall in the DMZ to access an internal Web server (rather than a Web server in the DMZ). Do you foresee any technical difficulties in deploying this architecture? What are the advantages to this implementation?


As such there won't be any difficulties in implementing the server. The only thing will be that this setup will require more effort as in this architecture we need to develop the proxy firewall so as to provide access to internal web server. Also, the proxy firewall needs to configured for the server depending upon the usage, number of users and the ip address ranges.


The advantage of this architecture is that it is not prone to attacks and will be lot more secure than the normal web server. The proxy firewall needs to be configured by the user in order to access the server and therefore it will make it more secure. Also, familiar devices can be listed on the firewall and unwanted accesses can be blocked with this kind of architecture.


Overall it will increase the security of the web server.


Case Exercises:

Discussion Questions

1.      What questions do you think Kelvin should have included on his slide to start the discussion?


The questions included by Kelvin on his slide to start the discussion are below:


1. Why there are differences in opinion on internet architecture?

2. What is the last project status reports that do not have a consensus for the internet      

     connection architecture?

3. What are the requirements to break the logjam in the design issues?

4. What is the best design among the available designs?

5. What are the loop holes and pitfalls that are identified in the selected design?

6. How to overcome the short comings in the design?

7. What is the level of security need to be implemented?

8. How to achieve this level of security in the design?

9. What is the cost of implementation and how to optimize it?


2.      If the questions were broken down into two categories, they would be cost versus maintaining high security while keeping flexibility. Which is more important for SLS?


The most important aspect for Sequential Label and Supply Company is maintaining high security while keeping the flexibility with reasonable cost.


Ethical Decision Making

1.      Suppose that Ms. Hamir stacked the deck with her design proposal. In other words, she purposefully under-designed the less expensive solution and produced a cost estimate for the higher-end version that she knew would come in over budget if it were chosen. She also knew that SLS tended to hire design consultants to do build projects. Is it unethical to produce a consulting report that steers a client toward a specific outcome?


Part 1:

Yes, it is unethical.

It is unethical for a consultant to produce a report that aims at steering the client towards a specific outcome which is not the best possible outcome for the client.

In this particular case of Ms. Hamir had the responsibility to make a fair report, so that the client can assess and to make the right decision.

Rather than producing a fair design report, Ms. Hamir produced a biased report. Which means she drives the client towards higher costing project.


Part 2:

In case if Ms. Hamir produced a fair report, which recommends the expensive option. She is ethically sound to urge to reconsider the decision.