ITS Capstone Project
Amanda Vanneste
Shin-Ping Tucker
Spring 2017

Human Impacts

Cameras can be very handy when watching your kids at a sporting event, or capturing images at prom. However, they can also take up space and be challenging to master. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the camera below!

Advantages of a Camera

  • The digital camera eliminated film processing
  • Cameras have massive photo storage
  • Operating speed has gone from actually winding the camera up to now just a second in between shots
  • You can see an image right after it's shot
  • Cameras are user friendly
  • Most of the time, you can video record with a camera

Disadvantages of a Camera

  • Storage space will fill up eventually. What will you do then? Delete pictures?
  • Cameras tend to drain your battery
  • Can be sensitive to heat or extreme cold
  • Digital cameras have become complex to use, one might need to be tech savvy to use it