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1)      2††††††††††††† 2) F†††††††† 3) T†††††††† 4) F†††††††† 5) T†††††††† 6) F†††††††† 7) T†††††††† 8) F†††††††† 9) F†††††††† 10) T††††† 11) T††††† 12) T

Multiple Choice

1)      C†††††††††††† 2) A††††††† 3) D††††††† 4) B††††††† 5) B††††††† 6) C††††††† 7) B††††††† 8) D†††††††


1)      G ††††††††††† 2) I††††††††† 3) B††††††† 4) A††††††† 5) D††††††† 6) J†††††††† 7) C††††††† 8) F†††††††† 9) H††††††† 10) E

Consider This

14) It is important to use a different password for all websites that you access. This is because once a hacker figures out one of your passwords, they will try it on every single site you access. If your password is the same, the hacker can get into your social meeting, school sites, and even your banking. Keep passwords easy for you to remember, but hard for hackers to figure out.

10) There are four different steps that can be useful in a backup plan. The first step is to use a backup program to copy the contents of your entire hard drive to a separate device. One that is either included with your computerís operating system or one that you purchased separately. The second step is to regularly copy music, photos, videos, documents, and other important items to an external hard drive, a USB flash drive, or a DVD. Step three is to subscribe to a cloud storage provider. Some may cost $10 a month, while others are free. It just depends on how much storage you want. The last step you should take is to schedule your files to be backed up regularly. This way, you donít have to try to remember if you have done it.

6) In addition to keeping time, there are many ways to use a smart watch. A smartwatch can communicate with a smartphone to make and answer phone calls, read and send messages, access the web, play music, and work with apps like fitness tracker and GPS.

Internet Research

2) Social Media


Active Members U.S.

Active Members Worldwide

Number of Years Site Has Existed

Most Popular Features

Amount of Content Shared Each Month


226 Million

1.71 Billion

12 Years

Like, Share, Uploads

4.75 Billion pieces of content shared daily


66 Million

310 Million

10 Years

Tweets, Adding and following content

500 Million tweets per day


67.2 Million

400 Million

6 Years

Explore tab, Filters, Video

Over 30 Billion photos shared since existence


60 Million

100 Million

6 Years

Pin, Save, Send

50 Billion pins since existence


Advertisements on these sites include many things: clothing, shoes, video games or computer games, hair products, groceries, etc. Instagram is marketed towards a younger crowd. Pinterest markets towards an older crowd. Facebook connects everyone young or old. LinkedIn is a business social network. On LinkedIn, you will find more professional photos and posts than on Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn also connects you to possible employers, where the other sites are for more catching up with friends and relatives. I donít know how many businesses use only business social media for recruiting. However, 92% of recruiters use any type of social media to find high quality candidates. We all have heard not to post anything too provocative on social media because potential employers look at that. As you can see from the table above, there are more worldwide users than there are U.S. users. Therefore, we know there are many languages supported by social media. Professionals are using social media websites to weed out candidates by looking at their posts and photos to see what kind of person they are.