1.       T              2. F         3. T         4. F         5. T         6. F         7. T         8. T         9. F         10. F       11. T       12. T

Multiple Choice

1.       B             2. C         3. B         4. D        5. C         6. A        7. A        8. C


1.       C             2. H        3. B         4. G        5. A        6. E         7. D        6. J          9. F         10. I

Consider This

2.       The elements that are necessary for successful communications include: A sending device that initiates an instruction to transmit data, instructions, or information, a communications device that connects the sending device to transmission media, a transmission media or communications channel, a communications device that connects the transmission media to a receiving device, and a receiving device that accepts the transmission of data, instructions, or information.

3.       3. Home and business users create networks in order to facilitate communications, share hardware, share data and information, share software, and transfer funds.

4.       EDI (electronic data interchange) is how business documents travel across transmission media. Examples include bids and proposals, place and track orders, and send invoices. EFT (electronic funds transfer) allow users connected to a network to exchange money from one account to another via transmission media. Examples include wife transfers, use of credit cards, direct deposit, and online banking.