Personal site: My website created for linking documents

a) The overall purpose of my website is to be able to see the homework websites I have created.

b) The siteís target audience is mainly my professor, Shing-Ping Tucker. Although her grader and my fellow classmates might look at my site as well.

c) The design elements are relatively simple for this site because that is not a particular purpose of the site. There is one content element currently (a large background picture), but within the links, users can find other websites that have all of the design and content elements typical sites have. This site does satisfy target audience expectations because it provides what is needed.

d) I would say that proximity and alignment are used in this website because the spacing is very particular and coordinated for the links.

e) This home page is mainly just a directly page. It does say who (my name) and what/where (the classes a user might want to view).

Educational site: UWS website

a) The overall purpose is to cater to the students and faculty we already have, but to also assist new students and try to get them to enroll at UWS.

b) The siteís target audience is the current students at UWS and new students who might want to go to UWS.

c) The design elements are ok for the UWS website. I donít think the school colors are that appealing when put next to each other, but the fonts used are good choices. The content elements is very cool showing pictures of activities and students from the University. I think potential students would like to see that. The site does satisfy its target audience because I have had no complaints about getting to where I need to go.

d) I would say the UWS site aligns everything very nicely using borders and such to make it easy for the user to navigate and read. They also balance both sides of the site nicely, not leaving a lot of white space on one side.

e) This home page does provide answers to navigators. I think for someone who is first accessing the site, it can be a little tricky to find the particular answer, but after you have been on the site a few times, it gets easier.

Site that sells products: Amazon

a) The overall purpose is to sell products to consumers for relatively cheap using a very convenient method.

b) The siteís target audience is consumers looking to shop for anything they could ever want at the convenience of their home.

c) The design elements for Amazon are rather lacking. Since Amazon just sells products, it doesnít need to focus on making its site creative, it just need to be user friendly for navigation. The content elements are very handy because they show a picture of what the user is potentially buying. I know that has helped in my book purchases. The site does satisfy the target audience and we know that it does because it is a very popular E-commerce website.

d) Amazon aligns and evenly spaces out all of its posts for users to easily understand and navigate. It doesnít do much for balancing each side of the website because I have often found blank spots that could be used if they wish.

e) This page does provide the who and what very well. I think if you had questions, it might be a little challenging or frustrating to get them answered just because Amazon is such a large company. The who and what tell customers specifics about what they are buying which can be super helpful.