Some benchmarks I would like to see my site reach are:

1.       Within one month, reach 1,000 views on the site

2.       Within six months, get company to be on the first page of every search engine

3.       Within six months, get reviews from customers and see how we can improve our online presence

4.       Within one year, fix the problems customers have pointed out in their reviews

5.       Within one year, hit at least a three percent higher profit margin than the previous quarter

These benchmarks will me what our customers think of us, as well as if my company is going to continue to grow. I believe that customer feedback is crucial in order to have a successful company.

These are the marketing companies I looked at:

1.       Company A: Offers search engine optimization, offers services for getting a link exchange program, and offers affiliate marketing programs.

2.       Company B: Offers services for getting a link exchange, offers helping my company create a business blog, and offers permission based e-mail advertising messages.

3.       Company C: Offers opt-in e-mail advertising, offers search engine optimization, and offers services for getting a link exchange program.

I have decided to go with marketing Company C because they offer the services I am looking for. All of the prices were comparable for the three companies, so that didnít affect my decision.