1.       T††††††††††††† 2. F†††††††† 3. F†††††††† 4. F†††††††† 5. F†††††††† 6. F†††††††† 7. T†††††††† 8. T†††††††† 9. F†††††††† 10. F†††††† 11. T†††††† 12. T

Multiple Choice

1.       B†††††††††††† 2. A††††††† 3. D††††††† 4. B†††††††† 5. D††††††† 6. A††††††† 7. B†††††††† 8. B


1.       D†††††††††††† 2. J††††††††† 3. G††††††† 4. C†††††††† 5. A††††††† 6. F†††††††† 7. E†††††††† 8. H††††††† 9. I††††††††† 10. B

Consider This

6. There are two types of tablets. First is a slate tablet. A slate tablet is a type of tablet that does not contain a physical keyboard. The second type of tablet is a convertible tablet. It is a tablet that has a screen it its lid and a keyboard in its base, with the lid and base connected by a swivel type hinge.

7. Some tablets include a stylus. A stylus looks like a small ink pen, which you can use instead of a fingertip to enter data, make selections, or draw on a touch screen. A stylus may include buttons you can press to simulate clicking a mouse.

9. A gaming desktop is often used by gaming enthusiasts. It offers high quality audio, video, and graphics with optimal performance for sophisticated single-user and networked or Internet multiplayers games.

Internet Research

2. Social Media

Aces on 29th is a restaurant in Superior, WI which has 1,574 likes. Seven Sundays makes organic granola in Minneapolis, MN and has 6,819 likes. Target, a large company out of MN, has 2,793,206 likes. The number of likes each company has is basically how many followers they have. Once you like a page like the three mentioned above, you see their posts on your wall. Almost every post Iíve seen has been engaging and promotes positive attitude. If posts are not engaging, consumers wonít continue to look at what they post. If a post doesnít promote positive attitude, consumers might get frustrated with the company and not support them anymore. Seven Sundays has 5 out of 5 starts with 4 reviews. Aces has 3.9 out of 5 stars with 144 reviews. I donít see any reviews or stars on targets Facebook page. They do have some mean comments from consumers on the right side of the page. It is much easier to share an opinion over online social networks because most of the time when you call customer service you talk to an automated system or even canít get through. With online social networks, you can say what you want with the luxury of your phone. Companies will respond to pictures or posts their fans have shared them in. It is also a good opportunity for consumers to post what went wrong at the store or restaurant and the company can get back to them and fix it immediately. When someone comments something negative about the company, the company responds right away and fixes the problem.