1.       F              2. T         3. F         4. T         5. T         6. F         7. T         8. T         9. T         10. T       11. F       12. F

Multiple Choice

1.       D             2. A        3. A        4. C         5. B         6. A        7. C         8. B


1.       D             2. B         3. E         4. I          5. G        6. F         7. A        8. C         9. J          10. H

Consider This

#2) In order to use applications like a browser or word processing programs on a desktop or laptop, a computer must be running an operating system. An operating system is a set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer or mobile device hardware. Desktop operating systems include Mac OS, Windows, Lunix, and Chrome OS. The operating system, therefore, serves as the interface between the user, the applications and other programs, and the computer’s hardware.

#4) There are two main advantages of open source software. One is that users who modify the software share their improvements with others. The second is that customers can personalize the software to meet their needs.

#8) To edit a project means to make changes to its existing content. Common editing tasks include inserting, deleting, cutting, copying, and pasting.

Internet Research

#4) Security

The three latest virus hoaxes include: the “Dance of the Pope” virus, “Sonia Disowns Rahul” virus, and the “Invitation Facebook” virus. The latest actual virus warnings include: the “DNS Charger” virus, the “Package Delivery” virus, and the “ZeuS/ZBOT” virus. For the hoax viruses, it was said that the viruses would: format your mobile device, burn the hard disk C or your computer, and a malicious virus would appear on your computer. For the actual viruses, it was said that the viruses would be a Trojan horse, would include virus launching attachments, and would kick users off their Internet connection. It is said that David Mikkelson, the creator of the site, used the username “snopes” (the name of a family often unpleasant people in the works of William Faulkner) in the Usenet newsgroup alt.folklore.urban. The Mikkelson’s then created the Snopes site in 1995.