1.       F††††††††††††† 2. F†††††††† 3. T†††††††† 4. T†††††††† 5. T†††††††† 6. T†††††††† 7. F†††††††† 8. F†††††††† 9. F†††††††† 10. T†††††† 11. T†††††† 12. F

Multiple Choice

1.       D†††††††††††† 2. A††††††† 3. C†††††††† 4. D††††††† 5. A††††††† 6. D††††††† 7. D††††††† 8. B


1.       H†††††††††††† 2. A††††††† 3. C†††††††† 4. B†††††††† 5. I††††††††† 6. G††††††† 7. E†††††††† 8. J††††††††† 9. F†††††††† 10. D

Consider This

2. The more common digital security risks include Internet and network attacks, unauthorized access and use, hardware theft, software theft, information theft, and system failure.

4. Cyberwarfare describes an attack whose goal ranges from disabling a governmentís computer network to crippling a country. It usually requires a team of highly skilled individuals, millions of dollars, and several years of planning.

7. A botnet, also known as zombie army, is a group of compromised computers or mobile devices connected to a network, such as the Internet, that are used to attack other networks, usually for nefarious purposes.

Internet Research

5. Cloud Services

This first provider I found for security as a service Armor. They provide Armor Anywhere, which allows users to get complete OS-level security for their cloud environment and a team of leading experts actively monitoring their workloads every day of the year for malware, anomalous behavior and other illicit threats. The second provider I found for security as a service is Dell SonicWALL. Dell SonicWALL delivers comprehensive network protection delivered as a service, provides installation, configuration and ongoing security management, offers a turn-key subscription service with no initial costs, bundles a next generation firewall with a security suite, mobile and wireless security, management and reporting, and 24/7 support. Enterprise security requirements differ from those of individual users because an enterprise has to protect all of the users within their network instead of just one person. For example, a bank needs to protect all of its customerís passwords, logins, and personal information from potential attacks. Whereas an individual only has to protect their own things. Enterprise security is basically like individual security, but on such a larger scale.