1.       T††††††††††††† 2. T†††††††† 3. F†††††††† 4. F†††††††† 5. F†††††††† 6. T†††††††† 7. F†††††††† 8. F†††††††† 9. F†††††††† 10. T†††††† 11. T†††††† 12. T

Multiple Choice

1.       C†††††††††††† 2. B†††††††† 3. A††††††† 4. A††††††† 5. A††††††† 6. D††††††† 7. C†††††††† 8. D†††††††


1.       D†††††††††††† 2. I††††††††† 3. E†††††††† 4. B†††††††† 5. A††††††† 6. H††††††† 7. C†††††††† 8. F†††††††† 9. G††††††† 10. J

Consider This

8. A processor contains small, high-speed storage locations, called registers that temporarily hold data and instructions. Registers are part of the processor, not part of memory or a permanent storage device.

11. A clock speed is the pace of the system clock that is measured by the number of ticks per second. Current personal computer processors have clock speeds in the gigahertz range.

12. A heat sink is a small ceramic or metal component with fins on its surface that absorbs and disperses heat produced by electrical components, such as a processor.

Internet Research

2. Social Media

I visited the automotive sites of Meineke and Exhaust Pros. The social media featured on both sites are just small icons that a user can click on in order to go to their Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel. I chose to look further in Meineke. They are mostly discussing what products and services they can offer their customers. They also have sections on their new mobile app, the Meineke credit card, Meineke rewards, and the benefits of owning your own Meineke. There isnít much for participation on the site itself. Customers can create a Meineke account, but it is mostly used for keeping track of rewards points and viewing your vehicles service history.