1.       T              2. T         3. T         4. F         5. F         6. F         7. F         8. T         9. F         10. T       11. F       12. T

Multiple Choice

1.       B             2. C         3. C         4. C         5. D        6. A        7. C         8. C        


1.       G             2. J          3. B         4. C         5. H        6. I          7. A        8. F         9. D        10. E

Consider This

3. Some commonly used input devices include: mouse, touch screen, keyboard, data collection device, stylus, graphics tablet, built in webcam, and scanner.

4. A toggle key is a key that switches between two states each time a user presses the key. CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK are examples of toggle keys.

6. There are a few different types of keyboards. These include: built-in laptop keyboard, clip-on tablet keyboard, and on-screen keyboards.

Internet Research

2. Social Media

I visited YouTube and OurStage. Both of these websites offer trending videos and songs for users to view. There are many differences between the sites. YouTube offers categories like music, sports, gaming, news, live, movies, tv shows, and so on. OurStage features competitions that users can enter within the different music genres. They also have a radio station on their home page. I visited Carrie Underwood’s Facebook page and one of the main things being promoted are her next events and where those concerts will take place. There’s even a link next to each city for users to buy tickets. They also have a gift shop where you can buy hats and t-shirts right on her Facebook. Depending on the artist is what music will be available. I was able to view albums and listen to songs on Carrie Underwood’s and Kelly Clarkson’s official websites.