CH0 Introduction: Website Development and Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

Lab 2: Website Hosting

The ISPís I have selected are Comcast and Time Warner Cable. On a comparison and review search, I found that Comcast has the highest review with a 9.83 out of 10 stars. Time Warner Cable follows Comcast at 9.05. Some pros for Comcast is that all Comcast Xfinity accounts come with great security and can provide upload speeds up to 105 Mbps. Time Warner Cable also has its pros. They have the infrastructure in place to provide faster than average internet speeds, reaching 50 Mbps. For internet up to 50 Mbps, Comcast charges $39.99 per month for 12 months. Time Warner Cable charges $64.99 for their ultimate internet package reaching 50 Mbps. It is very simple to get in touch with a Comcast agent. A customer can set up a live chat, find a service center near them, or call 1-800-934-6489. Time Warner Cable only gives consumers a phone number to get in contact with an agent, 877-510-1683. I would choose Comcast as my ISP of choice. They offer great services, low costs, fast internet speeds, and great customer service.