Amanda Vanneste

What Would You Do?

1.       I feel that if my employer asked me to resolicit employees, it would not be a fair request. I have done my responsibility by soliciting once already, so I feel that it is not fair for me to have to do that again. I would tell my employer that I didnít think it was a fair request because I have already done what was asked. In addition, I feel like if employees didnít want to contribute the first time asked, they probably wonít want to now. And the employees who contributed might get upset that I am asking them to contribute again. The employer should just be happy that we have some contributions to go toward United Way.

6.† It may take a while to hear back from a potential employer and it might take many applications†† for you to receive an interview request. However, it is not ok to reword or beef up a resume to make it look like you were employed at a firm, when it fact it was only a class project. Employers can easily check to see if you were actually employed there and that can get you instantly fired if they had already hired you. When waiting for prospective employers to call, it can feel very defeating. But someone will call and it will be worth the wait.


IBM- A front runner in sustainability

††††††††††††††† In the 1970s, IBM more than likely had to come up with many arguments as to why they should start a sustainability program. One argument they may have used is that the European Union, the United States, and other countries often give preference in awarding contracts to companies that have ISO certification. A second argument IBM may have used is that the ozone layer was starting to deplete and it was becoming a big deal. Therefore, IBM wanted to do their part by reducing their emissions and helping protect the ozone layer. The last reason IBM might have used is that they wanted to get ahead of their competitors and be the one of the first large companies to go green. IBM has achieved many goals throughout their sustainability pursuit. In 1989, IBM led the IT world in its reduction of chlorofluorocarbons. The company also reduced greenhouse gas emissions in 2011 by 3.2 percent. IBM works with the ISO to create international standards for toxic and nontoxic waste reduction, water purification, efficient energy utilization, and waste emissions. IBM might try to leverage its leadership in sustainability to maintain its competitiveness in the IT market by offering to help other large companies with their sustainability and then in return getting the newest advances in technology.

Ethical and business setbacks for Nokia

††††††††††††††† I believe that Nokia was acting ethically when they decided to move their facilities from Germany to Romania and then from Romania to Asia. In the last five years, I feel that we have seen numerous companies move their facilities in order to reduce costs and improve their profits. Moving facilities can be really hard on the citizens of the country that the business was initially in. Nokiaís decision to move their operations is similar to their actions in Iran because they were only focused on making money. They did not ask themselves how it would affect the citizens of the country economically or socially or how the citizens would even react to what they did. Customers of Nokia in Europe and Iran reacted to the companyís decisions by withdrawing patronage because Nokia didnít even think about them before making their decision. Nokia was only looking out for themselves, instead of having the best interests of their customers. Most of the time, customers do respond this way when a company does something unethically. It is their way of telling the company that they didnít support their decision. It can be more challenging to ensure ethical decision making is occurring in a company that is organized as a network of equal. This still makes Nokia very accountable for their actions. It may or may not explain why Nokia kept the investigation secret. I feel that they just didnít want the public to know or see any more headline stories about what happened, so they decided to keep it secret.