What would you do?

1.       I would notify my supervisor of what I found. If people knew they werenít going to be audited and no one would question what they claim, I feel that at least a few people will take advantage of this opportunity. My supervisor will then be able to talk with someone about the problem and hopefully get it fixed in time.

2.       I would tell my coworker that he should talk with management at our company about how he feels and to tell them that he wants to send a letter to the EPA. I feel like if he talks to the company about what he wants to do, they will change their ways and fix the problem so I third party doesnít need to be involved.


1. IBM Provides Supply Chain Leadership

1. IBMís supply chain program has such a large impact on environmental health because they are constantly updating their company and making sure they produce as little emissions as possible. They also reuse and recycle. Because they make all of their suppliers down the chain due this as well, they are eliminating even more hazards.

2. Companies like Cisco might require their suppliers to submit receipts, documents, and progress reports in order to see how they are reducing emissions. Cisco might also go to the suppliers companies and see for themselves in person.

3. IBM might influence their members by saying that there is a reward program for it or by telling them that they will go with a different supplier if they donít meet their expectations.

2. E-Verify

1. I do support the implementation of enhancements such as photo matching and access to additional databases because it can help protect employers and employees. Employers know they are getting an eligible employee. It is also a good tool because it could help stop identify theft if there is a picture provided.

2. I would use the E-Verify system just because I would want to know I was following the state rules and know that my employees are eligible.

3. I would favor mandatory use because of what I have previously mentioned. It is a good way for large or small business to know they have eligible employees and it can help fight against identity theft.