Amanda Vanneste

Chapter 2

What would you do?

2. No matter the cost, you should cut of the flow of emails coming from your real estate job to your IT consulting job. At first, it might be a difficult and long road to have your clients email a different address, but it will ultimately save your IT job. You could print out new business cards and put either your real estate email address or a personal address on the card. If you put your personal address, you can still check these emails during your lunch break at your IT job and respond to the most important ones there. Otherwise, just let your clients know that you have two jobs and wonít be able to respond immediately.

4. You should handle this situation like any other interviewer coming in for the position. Stick with the same questions and write down all of her answers. If you find that she would be a good fit for the job, then thatís great and she should be hired. However, if you find that she doesnít meet the qualifications for the position, you should go to the boss with the news. Show him his daughterís answers and see what he thinks. You can also compare his daughterís answers to the candidate that you want to hire and your boss might agree with you. You never know until you ask.


Whistle-Blower Claims Accounting Shenanigans at SuccessFactors

††††††††††††††† The customers of SuccessFactors could have been hurt by the alleged improper accounting. When word got out about the improper accounting records, customers could have backed out of the company because they didnít want to be involved in a business that operates illegally. The customers could have lost good contracts with that company and maybe they have to pay more at a different company because of this. I feel that management can still report non-GAAP financial measures that may be useful to investors. Non-GAAP financial measures are governed by SEC regulators, so it is not like they are trying to hide anything from investors. They are just trying to give them more information. In every company, there should be proper internal controls to eliminate improper accounting transactions. A couple examples of internal controls are not giving one employee total control over a key process and making sure there is an independent check on processes and procedures. It is always important to have two people on key tasks.

IBM and the State of Indiana Involved in a Breach of Contract Dispute

I donít think IBM should decline any future opportunities they may have to propose a new solution for a state social services system. They just had an unlucky time working with the State of Indiana and something in the future could go way better with a different state. The state of Indiana is entitle to reimbursement of all funds paid to IBM as well as reimbursement of all overtime employees were paid because IBM simply did not finish the job. Indiana was waiting on IBM and have employees work over time to fix the mistakes and get the project out in time and since that didnít happen because of IBM, IBM should have to reimburse the state of Indiana for everything. On the other hand, IBM should be able to keep all the funds they received because they say Indiana gave them the wrong numbers to work with and that the changes made were all Indianaís idea. Indiana also still has all the equipment IBM purchased for the project, so they should get paid for the work they completed. The judge ruled that Indiana would not collect the $437 million they were seeking. The judge did grant IBM $12 million for equipment kept by the state. I agree with the ruling. Especially in the part where the judge says, "Overall, both parties are to blame and Indiana's taxpayers are left as apparent losers.Ē I agree with the ruling because neither party completed the project, Indianaís taxpayers are really the ones missing out on things, and that both parties were at fault when trying to complete the project.