What would you do?

1.       I think this role would be of interest to me if I was a computer science major. It would be pretty cool for someone to notice you for a job position that you didnít even apply for. I would ask if I was able to tell anyone about the position. I would also ask where it is located because that would be a big factor for me to consider.

2.       I think I would tell the blackmailer that I was contacting law enforcement. Hopefully that would be enough to get the blackmailer to stop their attacks and then our business can continue on. If that doesnít work, I would talk to management to see what should be done. Either we keep losing money while trying to stop the hacker or we pay the hacker and the hacker gives us our site back. If that latter occurs, whatís to say that the hacker wonít do it again?


Defending Against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

1.       I think it is important for every company to have backup plans and even consider the use of DDoS mitigation service to protect an e-commerce company. Hackers are just becoming more powerful each day as proven by how many attacks have occurred lately and that there is no end to them. Besides financial reasons to subscribe to DDoS mitigation, there are reasons such as protecting your customerís information and not letting trade secrets out.

2.       One type of attacker could be the one out for financial gain. This attacker takes control of a website, sets a ransom and waits until it gets paid. Another type of attacker could be one who is out to get customer information and then use that information to sell it underground. A third type of attacker could be someone who just wanted to have fun and see what would happen. There is no real motive here, but to just mess things up within the company being attacked.

3.       The sites I looked at typically offer the same services such as protecting against Volumetric DDoS attacks, TCP State-Exhaustion DDoS attacks, and Application Layer DDoS attacks. All three sites differ by how much they charge. I would probably choose Arbor Network because they are ranked in the top ten and that is their companies focus.

Anonymous and Social Hacktivism

1.       I would not join Anonymous if I had the chance. I donít know much about them and what they stand for and Iím not sure if I would agree with what they attack.

2.       Their actions against WikiLeaks were not legal. I donít know if their actions were ethical or not because WikiLeaks was posting classified Military documents. The companies pulled out of WikiLeaks because they would probably lose consumers if they continued to contribute to them. I also think that it isnít safe for classified Military documents to be floating around and potentially get in the wrong hands.

3.       Anonymous does pose a very serious threat to organizational and government web sites because they have proven what they can do and just how far they will go. If an agency got on their bad side, they could be hacked next.